The Portapique Portal – Part 2; Where’s Wortman?

April 19 2020 9:18 am – That article is from 2013. We are still looking for Gabriel Wortman. #Portapique #RCMPNS (9:18 am Apr 19) 

Paul Palango is a Nova Scotian

April 19 2020 9:38 am – CBC Glenholme Tweet

April 19 2020 10:04 am – #RCMPNS is advising people to avoid Hwy 4 near Hidden Hilltop Campground in #Glenholme. Gabriel Wortman is in the area. Please stay inside your homes and lock your doors. #Portapique (10:04 am Apr 19) 

April 19 2020 10:06 am – Glenholme Tweet

Truro Lockdown (deleted)

April 19 2020 10:17 am – #Colchester: Gabriel Wortman may be driving what appears to be  an RCMP vehicle & may be wearing an RCMP uniform. There’s 1 difference btwn his car and our RCMP vehicles: the car #. The  suspect’s car is 28B11, behind rear passenger window. If you see  28B11 call 911 immediately. (10:17 am Apr 19) 

April 19 2020 10:21 am – Gabriel Wortman is currently in the #CentralOnslow #Debert is in a vehicle that may resemble what appears to be an RCMP  vehicle & may be wearing what appears to be an RCMP uniform. Please stay inside and avoid the area. #RCMPNS (10:21 am Apr  19) 

April 19 2020 10:39 am – Please stay tuned to our Twitter account for the latest information  on the active shooter investigation where Gabriel Wortman is the suspect. 1/2 (10:39 am Apr 19)

April 19 2020 10:39 am – Thank you for your understanding as we work to provide the most updated information while addressing public and officer safety. 2/2 #Portapique #CentralOnslow #Debert #Glenholme #Colchester (10:39 am Apr 19) 

April 19 2020 10:48 am – BILL BLAIR tweets to advise Nova Scotians to be careful but he doesn’t issue a public alert.

April 19 2020 10:49 am – A woman is dead according to the scanner (My tweet now deleted)

April 19 2020 10:54 am – Wortman arrives in Millbrook 

April 19 2020 10:55 am – The above tweet was replied to as “is he a police officer?” RCMP then reply with this:

“No he is not.” (10:55 am Apr 19) 6?s=20

April 19 2020 11:01 am – We don’t know if it’s still there right now. The best identifier for this  car is 28B11 on the C pillar or behind the rear passenger door. (11:01 am Apr 19) This is a reply to the above tweet also. 

April 19 2020 11:04 am – Gabriel Wortman, suspect in active shooter investigation, last seen traveling southbound on Hwy #102 from #Brookfield area in what appears to be an RCMP vehicle & may be wearing an RCMP uniform. Suspect’s car is 28B11, behind the rear passenger window. If you see 28B11 call 911. (11:04 am Apr 19) 

They say he is in Brookfield because they know he is further ahead. By now the vehicles in Shubie are fully involved.

April 19 2020 11:06 am – Gabriel Wortman, suspect in active shooter investigation, now  believed to be driving a small silver Chevrolet SUV. Traveling southbound on Hwy #102 from #Brookfield area If seen, call 911. (11:06 am Apr 19) 

He is in Gina’s car by now not the “tracker.” A witness who stopped at the Onslow fire hall shortly after the shootout at 10:20 am overheard the RCMP radio and someone said that Wortman was in a gray Mazda 3. That’s an hour before he was actually in the gray Mazda 3.

Paul Palango in Frank Magazine: Still there was no public alert, no roadblocks and three more people would end up dying – RCMP Constable Heidi Stevenson, Good Samaritan Joey Webber and Wortman’s fellow denturist Gina Goulet, with whom he had had an affair. One would think that all this would be the subject of the upcoming Mass Casualty Commission’s work, but the insider who supplied us with these tapes is skeptical about what the Commission will accomplish.

True Blue said that part of their motivation for coming forward is their personal frustration with the stonewalling by the RCMP, not only in this matter, but also in other cases in Nova Scotia in the past. Finally, the 911 calls strike at the heart of the RCMP’s contention that it only knew about Wortman and the police car from Lisa Banfield.

That’s patently false, and raises serious questions about the nature of the force’s relationship with Banfield, whom the force has called a “victim” from the first week. Now that we know a little bit about what really happened that night without the interference, deflection and deceptions of the RCMP clouding the issue, one can only wonder what more there is to know.

Finally, there is this. Over the past 14 months the RCMP have played games with the timeline, comically so in the first few days. It had problems nailing down when the first call had come in. At one point it was 10:15. At another time it was 10:01. They even said, in so many words, that the children in the basement had made the first call at 10:01. They allowed the timing of Jack Blair’s call to be conflated with Jamie Blair’s first call – effectively making her and her tragic story disappear.

The use of conflation is an old RCMP trick to hide evidence. It’s something that we will see again in our next story.

April 19 2020 11:14 am – Matt Corkum “Just heard lots of sirens in Elmsdale. Guessing units are on their way to the 102 and exits.”

April 19 2020 11:24 am – He is not a police officer. (11:07 am Apr 19) 

April 19 2020 11:24 am – Confirmed suspect vehicle is a silver Chevy Tracker. Last seen #Milford. If seen, call 911. (11:24am Apr 19) 

April 19 2020 11:31 am – A citizen in Shubie recalls 8 gunshots

April 19 2020 11:32 am – A firefighter says over the radio that Wortman is down (Now deleted)

April 19 2020 11:34 am – Shubenacadie Photos

April 19 2020 11:35 am – To clarify, the suspect in our active shooter investigation, Gabriel  Wortman, is NOT employed by the RCMP but he may be wearing an RCMP uniform. He is considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, do NOT approach and call 911 immediately. (11:35 am Apr 19) 

They make sure to clarify that Wortman is not one of them a lot. That’s one reason why he was likely one of them. They have already executed Wortman by now.

April 19 2020 11:40 am – Gabriel Wortman, suspect in an active shooter investigation, is now in custody. More information will be released when available. Thank you for your cooperation and support. #Colchester. (11:40  am Apr 19)

Portapique Files – Gas Station Footage

April 19 2020 11:41 am – Ross Anderson roadblock after Wortman was dead 

“Police checks happening now on HWY 102 towards Halifax looking for active shooter Gabriel Wortman.”

April 19 2020 11:45 am – Elmsdale Superstore was on lockdown

April 19 2020 11:49 am – Shubenacadie MVA announced on air by DNR

April 19 2020 11:49 am – CBC Radio – Heloise Rodriguez in Great Village

April 19 2020 11:51 am – CTV Atlantic – Natasha Pace at Exit 5A “Roadblock”

(This roadblock is two exits from the Big Stop in Enfield and is facing northbound as though they were blocking the airport entrance. Wortman was driving south but there were no roadblocks on the south side of Highway 102.)

April 19 2020 – Atlantide 4 World videos of cruisers burning in Shubenacadie

Citizen Paul MacDonald – Shubenacadie Fires

April 19 2020 11:51 am 

April 19 2020 11:51 am

(Note the time of this screenshot and the vehicles are not even burning yet)

April 19 2020 12:18 pm – Highway 102 Exit 5A (Now deleted)

April 19 2020 12:30 pm – My (Pete Stevens) periscope video that was deleted by CSIS and or the RCMP. It was zoomed right in on Wortman.

April 19 2020 12:51 pm – My (Pete Stevens) Big Stop photos (Now deleted)

April 19 2020 1:05 pm – Daily Star Article “Suspected shooter who ‘gunned down 10 victims’ dies after high-speed pursuit“

April 19 2020 1:19 pm – My (Pete Stevens) Shubenacadie scene (Now deleted)

April 19 2020 1:20 pm – Shubenacadie Photos – Grey Butler Cameraman

April 19 2020 1:20 pm – Trent Pelerine’s mom was in the red corolla at the Shubie scene

April 19 2020 1:46 pm – Sean Dewitt photos

April 19 2020 1:52 pm – Global’s Reynold Gregor – RCMP have Portapique Beach Rd blocked off to traffic.

April 19 2020 2:33 pm – Global Halifax Jesse Thomas in Debert

April 19 2020 2:40 pm – Darryl Snyder CBC Debert roadblock

The Portapique Portal – Part 3; A lingering darkness

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