The Peter Fonda Movies and Portapique

Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda’s movies are iconic in that they represent an era in Hollywood and American history known as the “counter culture” era which began in the late 60’s. His films were the first ever to buck the trend in Hollywood of conforming to the norm. Although his father Henry did not understand the movies he made and was even concerned for him, Peter’s movies broke box office records and started a trend of fast cars, motorcycles, and general disregard for authority in American culture.

Many of Peter Fonda’s movies accurately reflect Gabriel Wortman’s life and the events that took place on April 18th and 19th 2020. It sounds outlandish and even conspiratorial, but the numerous significant similarities between Fonda’s films and what happened in April 2020 are at the very least, interesting and undeniable.

From the farmer in ‘Fighting Mad‘ who was constantly involved in property disputes with evil real estate corporations, to the suspect on the run in ‘Dirty Mary Crazy Larry‘ where the police do not have access to a helicopter and have to borrow one from another government department. There are specific details about Wortman’s life and the massacre that directly correlate with most of Fonda’s films.

Wortman’s Easy Rider chopper. The real one from the movie was purchased by an unidentified person for 1.5 million dollars.

These pages contain in-depth details with references to everything in the movies and how they relate to what happened. Although they take weeks to thoroughly dissect, I plan to break down more of them. Don’t take these break downs too seriously as they are more of a “huh” kind of thing for me than anything else, and also they give me a chance to watch a classic movie that changed American culture forever. I cannot explain all this but I think it’s worth checking out. Enjoy.

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Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Movie and Portapique

Race With The Devil Portapique

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“When people ask me what it was like growing up as Henry Fonda’s son, I ask them if they have seen Fort Apache,” he said.

Debert; the one that got away

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