The Nova Scotia Massacre unpacked – chapter one

At a glance, Portapique looks like just another cottage town on Nova Scotia’s beautiful Bay Of Fundy. But when you look closer, it seems there is much more to this community.

A memorial for Cst Heidi Stevenson at Cole Harbour RCMP Headquarters.

The story of Portapique and the NS Massacre is not one that can be told in a ten minute news clip or even a one hour documentary. There are layers to this story that lead to more layers and then of course, more questions.

Great Village Firehall.

Paul Palango is a Nova Scotian

For the few journalists that actually care to find out the truth, the more they peel back the layers of this onion the more layers they find. The Nova Scotia Government and RCMP, have done everything legally possible to redact and hide any information about the massacre from the public. The Nova Scotia government purchased Wortman’s cottage property.

Great Village Firehall.

What’s more alarming is the the corporate “news” outlets are all too willing to obey the orders of the RCMP and Nova Scotia government and assist with a cover up. I’m not surprised, most journalists in Nova Scotia aren’t from here so they don’t care much about getting to the truth.

An RCMP officer places orange cones around the scene where Heather O’Brien was killed on Plains Road in Debert.

In a free and democratic society there are supposed to be safeguards and measures in place to prevent government from being able to lie and deceive the public. The Mass Casualty Commission is even having trouble getting the RCMP to co-operate with their investigation.

An RCMP officer puts his hands in the air while being fired upon by RCMP officers.

There are a lot of excellent police officers in Nova Scotia and on April 18-19 2020 the overwhelming majority of these officers wanted nothing more than to take action and save lives, so one has to wonder why they were told not to. One thing is clear, whatever the RCMP and CSIS were trying to hide on April 19 2020, they felt it was worth letting nine people die for.

A Military Police cruiser seen at Shearwater Airbase 2018. All federal police cars have push bars.

The officers were equipped with state of the art military grade encrypted radios, as well as body armour and C8 Colt Carbine rifles, so how is it that one man was able to move and murder so freely about over a 13 hour period unchallenged?

Gabriel Wortman exits Highway 102 at exit 7 to grab some snacks after a long night of killing.

How does one go about acquiring what was essentially an RCMP cruiser? Why were the RCMP using an un-encrypted-public radio channel to communicate on? Anyone in the world, with an iPod and an internet connection was able to listen in to what was happening in Portapique. Wortman was certainly listening and may have also been transmitting with an RCMP radio.

Two burnt out RCMP cruisers seen here at the Shebenacadie traffic circles.

Wortman clearly did not want to be famous as he only had a handful of social media posts. So what’s going on here? To make sense of what really happened, we have to come to terms with the fact that Gabriel Wortman a was trained killer amongst many other things.

Two RCMP officers fly a drone in Debert with orange safety cones set up.

That’s not complimenting or idolizing him, it’s qualifying him. In order to understand how one man was able to rip through an entire community, burn multiple structures completely to the ground, AND THEN continue on uninterrupted for 13 hours killing innocent people at will and evading multiple road blocks, skilled ERT officers, and a helicopter, we have to come to terms with A: He was a highly trained killer. Or B: He had help. 

A Bass River fire truck leaves Portapique April 19 2020.

Many of the witnesses from the events April 18 and 19 were reluctant to come forward, but slowly over time some are beginning to reach out to Paul Palango and share what they saw on those tragic days in April. Eye witness accounts and surveillance video evidence confirm that the RCMP have been lying about every detail of what happened during and before the massacre. The politicians support the RCMP as do the corporations that brand themselves as news outlets, but one thing is for certain, the RCMP are done in Nova Scotia.

Two federal agents leave the Onslow Firehall after shooting it up.

It’s just a matter of time until the whole truth is revealed and at that point gravity will do what it does. Will we have our own provincial police force or would it be a joint maritime provinces force? What ever the case may be the RCMP are essentially ghosts in Nova Scotia that continue to roam.

The Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Commission

EXCLUSIVE: Portapique 911 calls reveal what RCMP knew from the start

New details about the Nova Scotia shooting are raising several troubling questions about the actions and response of the RCMP

ERT officers in Enfield.

Stephen McNeil’s Nova Scotia Government Quietly Buys The 200 Portapique Beach Road Property Of Gabriel Wortman

The Canadian Military was only called in after Wortman had been killed in Enfield. Wortman had grenades and automatic weapons which he used during the event. I don’t call it a rampage because it was not a rampage. It was a slow methodical-clinical event that unfolded over a 13 hour period. At no point during the 13 hours was there any indication that Wortman was in a hurry or the RCMP.

200 Portapique Beach Road – GW Cottage

The Nova Scotia Gunman May Have Been A Confidential Informant For The RCMP

Heather O’Brien was murdered in the Nova Scotia shooting. It took the RCMP seven hours to tell her family. – by Paul Palango

Heather O’Brien’s Memorial at 1700 Plains Road Debert

Mark Furey and the RCMP’s secret army of Smurfs

Car 54, where are you?

Paul Palango and Jordan Bonaparte seen here on Patrol 🙂

Cracks are forming in the RCMP cone of silence – by Paul Palango

A cone sits beside Wortman’s denture clinic which is on the right side out of the photo.

Old Portapique Church

The memorials at the Old Portapique Church near Portapique Beach Road. I visited here a week after the massacre on April 26 2020 and there were bees swarming all around the memorials but they weren’t bothering us. I was told that bees are a sign of life.

A place of healing: Man offers former Portapique church as place to honour victims

2011 tip that warned N.S. gunman wanted ‘to kill a cop’ was purged from RCMP records (Allegedly)

The ERT TAV driving through Great Village.

Paul Wortman in his own words

Frank Magazine – Portapique tapes: ‘All members stand by, allow risk manager to dispatch’ – by Paul Palango – January 5 2021

“It is not known who appointed West as the incident commander. He was not the only Staff Sergeant at the scene. Others included Addie MacCallum from Pictou, Al Carroll and Brian Rehill from Bible Hill, Andy O’Brien, who was a traffic specialist like West as well as another one from New Minas, name unknown, who arrived a few hours before dawn. The order likely came from the top of the force from either Assistant Commissioner Lee Bergerman, Chief Superintendent Chris Leather or Superintendent Darren Campbell. According to those at the scene, Campbell was the only “white shirt” or commissioned officer to go to the scene, which he did on the morning of April 19.”

A Canadian Forces Military unit on scene at Portapique Beach Road and Highway 2.

EHS – DNR Radio Communications April 18-19 – Nova Scotia Massacre

Nova Scotia Massacre: Did the RCMP “risk it out” one time too many? by Paul Palango

Constable Heidi Stevenson’s Memorial at the Cole Harbour RCMP detachment.

Frank Magazine – Save The Kids Or Save The Ex Con? – by Paul Palango – January 12 2021

“Two of the boys were the children of Greg and Jamie Blair. A boy and a girl were McCully’s children. The Blair children had taken their dead father’s cell phone from his pocket, run over to the McCully house and woke the children there. Outside, McCully was already lying dead on the front lawn. The Mounties left the children there until around 1 a.m., a total of three hours, according to RCMP communications recordings obtained recently by Frank magazine. The recordings, which we will call the Portapique Comms, were archived on the Pictou County Public Safety channel, which can be found on the U.S. website Broadcastify.”

The province is haunted by unanswered questions about what could have been done to stop Gabriel Wortman

The cottage at 200 Portapique Beach Road. This property was purchased by the Nova Scotia government.

The Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation

The guy on the phone is a federal agent monitoring the scene for Ottawa. His uniform doesn’t even fit him.

Witness Statements Via Halifax Examiner

A photo of Wortman’s and Stevenson’s RCMP cruiser after the collision.

Frank Magazine – Did the RCMP execute Gabriel Wortman? Leaked gas station security tapes cast doubt on SIRT report – by Paul Palango – June 8 2021

Portapique Files – gas station footage 

Frank Magazine – EXCLUSIVE: Portapique 911 calls reveal what RCMP knew from the start – by Paul Palango – June 2 2021

“In a 25-minute span on April 18, 2020, near the beginning of Gabriel Wortman’s murderous rampage in which he killed 22 people, three people called 911 for help. One was a desperate Jamie Blair, who had less than two minutes left in her life. Another was her 12-year-old son, who calmly and heroically, tried to tell the operator what was happening. The third was from Andrew MacDonald who, along with his wife, Katie, was ambushed by Wortman. All three said the shooter lived in the neighbourhood. One called the shooter “Gabe”. Another said he was a denturist. All three told the 911 operators that the shooter was driving a police car.”

Frank Magazine – Mounties ‘covering their backside when they should be cleaning house’: retired RCMP Sergeant – by Paul Palango – June 6 2021

“It makes me sick to think that I was once part of this organization. When you have been on the inside and have seen how they screwed things up continuously for decades, it really makes you think seriously about defunding the RCMP.  I question the ability of the leadership to actually conduct police-work, and the quality of many of the lower ranks is also very poor.”

Support Frank Magazine’s Portapique coverage

Frank Magazine Was Right To Publish The Portapique 911 Tapes

“The RCMP have maintained from the start they only found out the gunman was disguised as a police officer after interrogating his girlfriend. These calls directly contradict that claim”.

Frank Magazine – Chiseling truth out of Portapique – some grunt in the Frank Mag bunker – June 14 2021 (free article)

Frank Magazine – The Cover Up – RCMP Credibility Is Hanging By A Shoelace – by Paul Palango – June 25 2021

“After Wortman was shot, his body was dragged out of the car and positioned face down on the pavement, his chin holding up his head. His hands were bound behind his back. Everyone looking at the grainy photo assumed that Wortman had been handcuffed, even though he was very dead. That’s a normal police procedure. He wasn’t handcuffed, Big Stop said. “They used a shoelace.” Why a shoelace? I asked a number of former detectives. “Each handcuff has a serial number on it that is linked to a specific officer,” said one.  “My serial number was _ _ _ _ _ _. I always remembered that.” “Whoever was there obviously didn’t want to be identified,” said another former detective source.”

Frank Magazine – When police lies go unchecked difficult questions arise. Clinton Ellison has one for the RCMP – by Paul Palango – July 7 2021

“No one who saw it on television could likely ever forget the interview by the CBC’s Brett Ruskin with Clinton Ellison conducted at the top of Portapique Beach Road, a few days after the dual massacres that left 22 Nova Scotians dead on the weekend of April 18 and 19, 2020.The teary eyed and grieving Ellison talked about how he had stumbled upon the body of his dead brother, Corrie, ran from what he thought was gunman Gabriel Wortman and hid in the woods for almost four hours cowering in fear for his life.”

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