The Nova Scotia Massacre unpacked – chapter two

March 25 2020 – Wortman posts his last message to his lodge members on Facebook

He feeds a bear tostitos on his front porch. There is a boulder in the background with a wagon wheel gently laid against it. The photo does speak to the account of Lisa that he said “I’m done Lisa, I’m done”. I think he actually did say that because that is the exact look on his face in the photo. However, Wortman was clearly concerned for Lisa Banfield’s safety on the night of April 18th according to the ITO’S (search warrants). As he ALLEGEDLY poured gasoline on the floor, he told Lisa to be careful not to slip on the gas.

Bear Lodge – the high rollers club.

Something very bizarre is in all of Wortman’s social media posts, all of his photos are timestamped as though it is to establish a storyline. Did Wortman actually post this or did his handler post it? Wortman’s social media accounts were being run by someone else.

Wortman feeds a bear in an oddly timestamped photo.

Quotation marks indicate words that are spoken by someone who is not the author. Quotation marks are also used to title short literary works such as poems, short stories, essays, and newspaper and magazine articles. Quotation marks can also be used to show irony or highlight specific words. Note the quotation after his name.

The Bass River Bear

There was a rumour in circulation last year that Sean MacLeod killed a bear that Wortman was friends with. So far that appears to be inaccurate. Bears are also a big part of Freemasonry.

March 17 and April 18 2020 – Lisa Diana Banfield, 52 along with two others purchase ammo for Wortman’s massacre because he allegedly does not have a gun licence. Here’s what I don’t get, Wortman had two semi-automatic rifles, a hand gun with a laser sight on it, and according to the ITO’s he also had grenades. I’m having a really hard time believing Wortman did not have the ability to buy his own ammunition.

The killer was on Hunter Road for nearly three hours

2328 Hunter Road

This is where Wortman allegedly arrived at 6:29 a.m. on Sunday April 19, 2020. Sean McLeod and Alanna Jenkins were killed in their home. Tom Bagley was their neighbour. He saw the fire and went to see if they needed help and was also murdered by Wortman.

Hunter Road

April 18 Firefighters NS Post

This post was screen grabbed before it was deleted.

The Nova Scotia Government buys Gabriel Wortman’s cottage – CTV Atlantic quietly tucked this video in their Winnipeg news section

200 Portapique Beach Road – The Devil’s Cottage

200 Portapique Beach Road

April 18-19 2020 The Massacre

Gabriel Wortman slowly and methodically murders 23 Nova Scotians and burns multiple structures to the ground using grenades and automatic weapons. One of his handguns even has a pressure activated laser sight on it. He is described by RCMP (internally) as very familiar with firearms and he demonstrates that to be true throughout the 2 day massacre.


However the RCMP do not issue any kind of alert to the public, instead they post on twitter that they are investigating a weapons complaint. He spends a leisurely 13 HOURS murdering whoever he feels like killing until RCMP assassinate him in Enfield.

RCMP ERT members in Enfield.

The RCMP DO NOT protect the public nor do they issue an alert. However they do set up roadblocks at their Enfield detachment and send their members to a number of residences to protect what seem to be dignitaries. One of those residences belongs to Nova Scotia Judge Alain Begin. Ironically, Begin is also now certifying search warrants and ITO’s for the investigation.

Many bizarre occurrences happen throughout 2020 after the massacre such as a brand new Cyclone helicopter having a ‘software glitch’ and crashing into the ocean on a sunny day, killing all 6 military members on board. Then a single ‘bird’ flies directly into the air intake of a Canadian Snowbirds plane killing the Nova Scotian co-pilot.

Stalker 822 mysteriously fell from the sky off the coast of Greece.

The list goes on as far as bizarre events in 2020 all occurring after the massacre and the Northwood Care Facility pandemic that killed dozens of Nova Scotians. Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil and his Injustice Minister Mark Furey spend every waking minute after the massacre trying to avoid a PUBLIC inquiry by getting his partners in the local news outlets to focus solely and completely on Covid 19.

The victims’ families have no choice and are finally forced to hit the streets and protest demanding justice but Steve and Mark completely ignore them encouraging citizens to “stay the blazes” home and follow government orders.

Nova Scotia’s former In-Justice Minister Mark Furey who quickly disappeared after the inquiry was announced, just like the rest of his Liberal colleagues. It’s retirement season in Nova Scotia.

Finally after months of protests and evidence destruction by the McNeil Nova Scotia government and the RCMP, our federal MP’s insist on a PUBLIC inquiry and then it is decided that the inquiry will indeed be PUBLIC. 7 Days after the PUBLIC inquiry is announced Premier Stephen McNeil resigns saying that he is sick of being blamed for everything.

The families of the massacre victims have been traumatized and re-traumatized by this Autocrat politician and his manipulative former journalists’ communications team. Everyone sees what is happening, but no one in government will stand up to the powers that be because in Nova Scotia, the police have infected every level of government.

Stephen McNeil’s policing family

“Yesterday, I mentioned that Robin McNeil, brother of Premier Stephen McNeil, has been named Deputy Chief of the Halifax Regional Police Department, a position another McNeil brother, Chris McNeil, held before he retired after allegedly lying under oath to protect a fourth brother and another cop, Anthony McNeil.”

Here’s a scorecard for the Other McNeils at the Halifax PD:

  • Chris McNeil: former Deputy Chief at the Halifax PD who retired after allegedly lying to the police review board, and brother of Stephen McNeil, Robin McNeil, and Anthony McNeil.
  • Robin McNeil: newly named as the Deputy Chief at the Halifax PD and brother of Stephen McNeil, Chris McNeil, and Anthony McNeil.
  • Jason McNeil: sergeant at the Halifax PD and Chris McNeil’s son.
  • Anthony McNeil: sergeant at the Halifax PD and brother of Stephen McNeil, Chris McNeil, and Robin McNeil.
  • Joanne McNeil: sergeant at the Halifax PD and spouse of Anthony McNeil.

RCMP Tweets April 18-19 2020 seemed to be focused on convincing the public that Wortman was not an RCMP officer

RCMPNS is responding to a firearms complaint in the #Portapique area. (Portapique Beach Rd, Bay Shore Rd and Five Houses Rd.) The public is asked to avoid the area and stay in their homes with doors locked at this time. 11:32 pm Apr 18)

This is an active shooter situation. Residents in the area, stay inside your homes & lock your doors. Call 911 if there is anyone on your property. You may not see the police but we are there with you #Portapique. (8:02 am Apr 19)

That article is from 2013. We are still looking for Gabriel Wortman. #Portapique #RCMPNS (9:18 am Apr 19)

RCMPNS is advising people to avoid Hwy 4 near Hidden Hilltop Campground in #Glenholme. Gabriel Wortman is in the area. Please stay inside your homes and lock your doors. #Portapique (10:04 am Apr 19)

Colchester: Gabriel Wortman may be driving what appears to be an RCMP vehicle & may be wearing an RCMP uniform. There’s 1 difference btwn his car and our RCMP vehicles: the car #. The suspect’s car is 28B11, behind rear passenger window. If you see 28B11 call 911 immediately. (10:17 am Apr 19)

He is not a police officer. (11:07 am Apr 19)

Confirmed suspect vehicle is silver Chevy Tracker. Last seen #Milford. If seen, call 911. (11:24am Apr 19)

To clarify, the suspect in our active shooter investigation, Gabriel Wortman, is NOT employed by the RCMP but he may be wearing an RCMP uniform. He is considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, do NOT approach and call 911 immediately. (11:35 am Apr 19)

Gabriel Wortman, suspect in active shooter investigation, is now in custody. More information will be released when available. Thank you for your cooperation and support. #Colchester. (11:40 am Apr 19)

May 18 2020 – Hammonds Plains man seeks more details from Crown on gun charges

“Police also allegedly found a list of licence plates and vehicle descriptions. At least two of the licence plates on the list were for RCMP officers’ personal vehicles”

RCMP, Halifax Fire, Canadian Forces and other fraternity members.

RCMP Issue an internal memo advising members To Stop Destroying Evidence In The Nova Scotia Massacre Investigation

February 04 2021 – Geoff MacLellan latest Liberal MLA leaving N.S. politics

MLA Geoff MacLellan was previously the minister in charge of Service Nova Scotia, a department that investigates criminals and then seize their assets even if they are never charged with a crime.

August 06 2020 – Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil resigns

Portapique – A Cross Between Ozark And Pulp Fiction But Written By Stephen King

Memorials For Victims Of The Portapique Nova Scotia Shooting Rampage

Millbrook Trading Post Where Wortman Stopped is down the street from the RCMP detachment

40 Gallons And A Mule – Portapique

We’re Here For Your Protection – (The Killer’s Father in his own words)

Frank Magazine’s Andrew Douglas speaks exclusively with Gabriel Wortman’s father.

The Nova Scotia Massacre unpacked – chapter three

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