Secret societies and fraternities – chapter two

The Secret Teachings Today with Mitch Horowitz and Greg Salyer

Mitch Horowitz: The Secret Doctrine and the Forbidden

Secrets of the Antikythera Mechanism: Session 2

Black Lodge

“The Black Lodge is a concept in the school of theosophy, using the connotation of a fraternal organization rather than a place.”

Gabriel Wortman’s Portapique lodge.

“Here are the Freemason’s secrets:  They are the grips, passwords, penal signs and ritual work.”

“Any Mason in good standing (whose annual dues are paid) may withdraw from membership at any time.”

“Many members’ vehicles display Masonic symbols such as the Square and Compass. or the famous 2B1Ask1, … To-Be-One-Ask-One bumper sticker.”

“Join a brotherhood of over 2,000,000 men of all ages, from all races, religions, and countries, and from all walks of life.”

Rules of Masonic Etiquette

“Unfortunately, Masonic Etiquette …or Blue Lodge Etiquette, (as it is called in the United States) is largely unpublished as well as unspoken, therefore, up until now, it has been more difficult to learn its rules and nuances.”

Freemasons: Behind the veil of secrecy

Black lodges were named “Prince Hall Lodges” in the founder’s honour, and were established exclusively for African Americans.”

The GLNS 156th Virtual Installation of Grand Lodge Officers – Nova Scotia

Stranger Things

The Eagle’s Nest – Part 1

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