Race with the Devil Portapique – chapter one


The production company is called Saber-Maslansky Productions. This is the only film that company ever made.


The film has enough similarities to Portapique that it’s at least worth a closer look to see what insights can be gained from it. If there are no insights then we’ll just call it an overly detailed movie review. It is a great movie all the same.

The film stars Peter Fonda and Warren Oates

Peter Fonda – Roger


Peter Fonda

Warren Oates – Frank


Warren Oates

Loretta Swit – Alice


Loretta Swit

Lara Parker – Kelly


Lara Parker

The Movie

There is a creepy tree in the intro that looks similar to a tree that can be found in Portapique’s Brown Loop.

The intro gives an evil tone to the film. It looks like the images are of blood vessels.

The intro ends abruptly, then cuts to an arc welder flashing in a motorcycle shop.

An electric welder.

In the opening scene the owner or manager of a motorcycle shop, (Frank) checks on his shop before leaving on a trip. The shop and bikes look like Wortman’s.

In one carefully filmed scene there is a poster in the background that says “Spark plugs, the second best thing to put in any car”. There is a women, Miss NGK on the poster. NGK is a spark plug company. In the foreground the parts clerk waves or salutes goodbye while purposefully displaying his Freemason ring.

Frank asks where “he” is which seems to be his business partner Roger. The secretary advises that he is already at the racetrack.

Behind Frank is an ad for ‘No Fault Insurance’ which happens to be a real company.


Peter Fonda’s character is named Roger. He races a Kawasaki motorcycle with the number 22 on it. Roger and Frank both own the shop together.

David Chadwell’s name is shown for a split second. If you search him you will find someone with the Church Of Christ as well as a soldier from the American Revolution.


David Chadwell is also a Pastor at an Oxford Mississipi chruch.


They show a couple of quick shots of a brown boot. There are a notable number of stories the boot can be related to such as ‘The Ghost Of West Chester Mountain‘ and ‘Boots For Dylan‘ as well as Troy Walsh who went missing in Colchester County in August of 2019. He was wearing brown boots when he disappeared, and then there’s the alleged brown RCMP boots that were found in Debert.

For a split second we see a brown leather boot with the strap undone followed by a black boot with a blue star on the pants.

The bikes are made by Bultaco Motorcycles which is a Spanish company. I had never heard of this company before this movie.


The word Taco is shown on the leather racing suit. Fonda references Spanish culture in a lot in his movies. He did this in Easy Rider as well.


There are 4 motorcycles hot on Roger’s tail, just like the 4 cops cars that were behind Wortman in Shubenacadie.

One theme in most of Fonda’s movies is time. He is always trying to beat it. In this case they say his bike is a 17-2 in reference to lap time.

Frank points to his right eye and tells Roger that he had a late night. I think this may tie in somehow to that red blood vessel in the intro of the movie.

Ancient stonework is a common theme throughout Fonda’s movies. There are a lot of references to Greek Mythology.

Frank shows Roger the camper and some of its features. It has a 4-channel stereo, colour t.v. with an antenna and “great reception“. Frank also says that it’s good that they don’t have any fish with them. Also in this scene Frank said that they have bunk beds for the kids, and then Roger says “kids?” as though he is confused.

They decide that they want to stay at the ‘Hidden Valley Park Estate’ campground. I looked it up and there are many results, here is one. There is a similarly named park in Glenholme NS called ‘Hidden Hilltop Campground’ where Wortman allegedly was on the morning of April 19.


Debert; the one that got away

They find an old back road along the highway and decide to set up camp here. Frank says he doesn’t like crowded campgrounds, and he says they are self contained with the R.V. Frank then says “here we are brother bear our road to seclusion.”

They arrive in a random community where they set up camp on the side of the river with sandy cliffs a lot like the cliffs of the Bay Of Fundy. The area looks similar to the Portapique River which runs between Five Houses and Portapique.

Portapique Mountain and Five Houses

They get out of the camper saying “any shelter during a storm is good.” They note how beautiful the area is. Roger asks Frank if he ever skipped rocks as a kid. Frank says he was never a kid and they all laugh. Frank seems evil. I found a blog called ‘Portapique Rocks‘. The last post that it made is quite interesting.

A blog about skipping rocks in Portapique


Frank and Roger hit the trails on their dirt bikes. They come to a stop and then we see the number 53 for a split second. Then Frank says he will race Roger if he gives him ’50 yards’ Roger says he only races for money.

Alice and Kelly check out the area and notice that the dog is suddenly acting strange and barking for no reason. They say that maybe when they get ‘up to the snow‘ they will get a break. I’m not sure what they mean by that by there is a ski hill in the Wentworth Mountains of Colchester County.

They say that maybe the dog is acting strange because of the fact that it’s January “vacations in January”. Kelly goes into a trance for a moment as she stares across the river. The scene is the same as the Portapique River as you have Five Houses on one side of the river and then you have Portapique on the opposite side. Kelly comes out of her trance giggling and says that it’s getting cold.

Frank ends up in a pond after crashing his dirt bike, and Roger comes back to him and says that Frank owes him 10. Then Frank says he will claim insanity and that he is getting too old for this. Roger says he’d have to be crazy to try a stunt like that, then Roger quacks like a duck.

The dog barks. Frank says “what hell is that” but there is nothing there. It seems like something is affecting. Then Roger suggests it’s the musical key of ‘E flat’. E flat is the standard guitar tuning frequency for most heavy metal bands. Frank says the dog doesn’t like him. His wife jokes that the dog likes Frank, it’s just that the dog can read his mind then she laughs. There are a lot of “lost dogs” in Portapique.

The scene then cuts to a shot of then cuts to a full moon. There was so much remarkable cosmic activity happening in April 2020 that I made an entire post on it in the link below.

The full moon shines down above Frank and Roger.

They are having a chat and bring up the name Eddie Mulder. Eddie is a real life motorcycle legend. Frank says that 5 years seems like a long time but it’s not. He says “we have put it together baby.”


She has the number 8 on her shirt. Kelly says that the men must be freezing if they have been outside for this long. Alice jokingly says “Alcohol doesn’t freeze”. It was a freezing cold night April 18 2020 and many residents of Portapique were allegedly outside in the woods hiding for a considerable amount of time.

Frank and Roger are having drinks and talking when suddenly a group across the river starts a fire. The group appears to be having some kind of a religious ceremony.

It’s some kind of Satanic cult. Frank seems to already know what it is while Roger seems curious and concerned about what the group are doing.

They watch the Satanic orgy from across the river similar to how residents of Five Houses watched the flames of Portapique from across the river. This was also a very intense time in the Cosmos.

The satanists stab the women seemingly offering her up as a sacrifice.

The orgy party spots the two men watching them and all of them begin to chase the campers. Roger and Frank run to the camper and speed away as quickly as possible as they are chased. On the night of April 18 2020 people in Portapique reported seeing flashlights in various places around Portapique and Five Houses. Some people even reported being chased by someone with a flashlight.

Roger fights off the evil demons chasing the camper as they escape.

Roger reports the Satanic Cult to the police. The Sheriff’s name is Sheriff Taylor and he says that he is sorry that this happened in his town. The Sheriff asks Officer Dave to “make the usually Doctors calls” and Officer Dave says “I already took care of that Sheriff”. The Sheriff says “Good” in an seemingly evil way.

There is a Wolverine head mounted on the wall behind the Sheriff. I can’t quite tell what the ornament is on the Sheriff’s shirt.

The red triangles are just my led lights reflecting on the T.V. screen.

The Sheriff says it gets light round here about 6 a.m. so they need to get back out there before anyone is expecting them. Wortman left Debert shortly before 6 a.m. April 19 2020, and clearly the RCMP weren’t expecting him.

The Sheriff says “Look at old Harry Dean with his lights on the old silly ‘sonva’ bitch thinks he’s still playing pinball”. He is referring to the other police car behind them. Harry Dean Stanton (July 14, 1926 – September 15, 2017) was an American actor, musician, and singer.


Sheriff Taylor and his officer take the guys back out to the scene to see what was happening. Sheriff Taylor says a bunch of hippies moved into town and it’s probably them. Roger says they weren’t hippies. The Sheriff says they’re all the same.

The Officer tells a story of a bunch of kids who killed 5 cats and rubbed their blood all over each other. “He said he was the Devil til I locked him up”.

Frank responds to the Officer and says “yea well this time they ran out of cats”. He says it it as if he knows they ran out of cats. Frank seems evil.

Fonda overtly displays his ring.

They arrive back on scene and the Sheriff says they “better cross on over and see what they can find on the other side”.

Roger says “I tell ya buddy this place gives me the creeps”. Anyone who has ever been to Portapique can tell you how beautiful and creepy it is. The area is a lot like Portapique with a community on the other side of the river.

The Officer pokes a stick into the remains of the fire then he confirms to the Sheriff “yup still smokin” but anyone can see that the fire is still smoking without having to poke it. He is poking the fire for some other reason.

Frank points out the blood. The Sheriff tells Officer Dave he better get some.

The Sheriff says “there ain’t nothing around here but cow tracks”. There seems to be a lot of symbology. The Sheriff says they need to set up a perimeter.

Frank walks off on his own and begins to sweat. He unbuttons the top button on his jacket and keeps walking. It seems like he is being guided. Then he stops and looks to his right and finds a dead dog. See the photo below photo of some kind of a sacrificed animal in Admiral Cove Park in Bedford Nova Scotia. The animal has been skinned and left to rot. No animal in nature would waste this food and also no animal in nature skins other animals. This is beside the rocks with the hieroglyphs and next to the Magazine Hill military base.

Various faces, textures as well as an underground chamber and a sacrificed animal.

The image is disturbing but I have to show it, otherwise I am a “conspiracy theorist”. See the post below and scroll down to the Bedford Nova Scotia post to see all of the details and even more creepy stuff.

Disturbing The Ghosts – Part 3; Halifax Areas

This is the first Fonda movie I have seen where the text is not purposefully blurred out or intentionally made hard to see. “Any evil you cause will be returned to you 9 fold”.

The note says “Mote it be” which means: A small particle or speck, especially of dust.


The ladies decide to find a library so that they can interpret the writing in the letter.

There is a man in a red pickup truck with a barrel in the back, watching the ladies as they go to the library. Many people gave statements to police indicating that Wortman kept barrels of lime on his properties for disposing of bodies. There were red barrels at his warehouse.

Sheriff Taylor tells them that no one will ever believe them and that they were likely drunk and not seeing straight. He continues by saying that when people pass out they fall down, “at least that’s the way it is around these parts.”

Library Scene Books

Book: Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural


One of the books appears to be called ’10’. I searched that book and it’s a book about a Prime Minister and Politics. Approximately 7 Nova Scotia Liberal politicians retired or resigned shortly after an inquiry was announced into the NS Massacre.


Book: Journey Of A Soul


Book: Pictorial History Of Magic And The Supernatural



Book: The Encyclopedia Of Witchcraft And Modern Day Demonology


The ladies find some books at the library about demons and witchcraft.

Alice and Kelly are told that the demon books cannot be borrowed as they are reference books so they steal them instead. The Librarian tells them that the Library stays open until 12 on Saturdays.

Race with the Devil Portapique – chapter two

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