Race with the Devil Portapique – chapter two

Sheriff Taylor drives Frank and Roger back to the station. The dude in the red pickup truck with the barrel is parked there also.

One of the cop cars at the station has blue overhead lights while the other has red. The red pickup truck follows the camper as it leaves the police station. Red overheads in the foreground red pick up truck in the background. The Sheriff recommends a service station for the 4 to stop at and he tells them to ask for Sherman Young.

I searched Sherman Young and this person kept coming up. William Tecumseh Sherman was a Major General in the American Civil War.



They stop at the service station that Sheriff Taylor sent them to and discuss that when they went out with the cops to the scene where they saw the Satanists, they did not tell the police where to go yet the police still knew how to get there. Frank tells Sherman to also check under the vehicle and holds up 5 fingers to Sherman to signal something.

Behind Sherman is a sign that says McCULLOCH Chain saws. The name McCulloch comes up in other Fonda movies as a street name. There is a McCulloch House Museum in Pictou NS, where a lot of the Portapique backstory took place.


Frank tells Roger that the cops are from the area and that’s how they knew where to go. Roger doesn’t believe that. Frank then says how the police did such a great job and followed procedure.

They read a passage from their demonology encyclopedia that says the Aztec Warriors would perform ancient ceremonies and sacrifices during a full moon.

Moon Cycle For April 18 2020


The Cosmology of April 2020

Roger doesn’t trust Sheriff Taylor so he took his own blood sample from the scene. He says he will have a big city police department analyze it to see if they find something different than Sheriff Taylor as he does not trust Sheriff Taylor.

They say that there is a 5 star campground in Armadillo that would be a great place to camp so they hit the road.

The music gets creepy and the dog begins to growl as they pass a hitch hiker.

There’s nothing wrong with the camper van but Frank continues to look underneath of it.

Alice and Kelly get in the pool and Kelly gets eye balled by people that look like satanists. Does she know them? She wants to leave now.

Frank tends the bar while no one is looking. I think he is spiking the drinks as well. Frank has evil in him.

Frank’s wife says that Kelly wants to go home. Frank gets very irritated and says they have been on the road for 5 years and now he wants to go skiing.

A neighbour named Frank Henderson introduces himself. Frank Henderson is a famous Poker Player from Texas.


A man visits their camper and invites them to a party. They end up going to a country bar with steak that will “melt in your mouth”.

The steel guitar player stares at Kelly and creeps her out. A fight breaks out near the pinball machine. The whole town seems to be at the bar even Sheriff Taylor.

On the way back to the campground there are 2 lights flashing in the sky behind them which they don’t see.

The light in the sky in the background then turns red and a smaller red object flies out of it. One week after the Nova Scotia massacre, the United States government announced that UFO’s are real. Apparently UFOs like Portapique.

UFO Article – April 27 2020


UFO filmed in Portapique


They return from the party to find their dog Ginger dead and hanging on the camper door.

Rogers asks the neighbours if anyone saw the dog being killed but the neighbours just stare at them because they are satanists.

They find a snake in the camper van. I skip over most of this part because I hate snakes.

Roger buries the dead dog. He has 3 stars tattooed on his left forearm.

Frank has his head under the hood. He says it’s for the oil cooler but he seems to be doing something more. Roger finds the motorcycles are vandalized and yells to Frank.

They buy a gun at the hunting shop and try to use the phone. The phone doesn’t work. Deer antlers on the wall like in Wortman’s lodge.

The gun shop owner advises that the phone lines have not been working since a storm blew through. They leave the gun store and head to a service station.

They pull up to the gas station and a white Ford truck with a horse trailer pulls out. There are no horses in the trailer. At the very top of the store sign there is a Freemasonry symbol known as the ‘square’.

There’s a sign on top of the service station that says “Diamond a Store” and it also says “Fentress Laidley“. I didn’t find anything for a diamond store so I tried ‘Fortress‘ and found this – Fortress Laidley Fort De Soto which is located in Florida. Florida is another key place in the Portapique backstory and for some reason there is even a Facebook group there called ‘Lisa‘ which has 24 members. I found this group strangely by typing the search term “Portapique.” Sybill Rennie had a Facebook profile but she deleted it a few months ago.


The Lisa Facebook group from Florida


Sybill Rennie’s Facebook is now deleted but this was the link. She was a real estate agent from Fredericton New Brunswick with close ties to Wortman. I will link an article that she is mentioned in below.


To my dear friend Gabriel Wortman

“Although Wortman was responsible for the $100,000 mortgage for the property, it was, on paper at least, owned by Northumberland Investments Inc., a company that Evans set up in 1984 with Fredericton real estate broker Sybil Rennie.”


The window on the door is shaped as a triangle. Note the boots in the background.

The cowboy tells a joke. “There are two chickens and a hen, one chicken says there goes the guy I’m laying for”.

The word ‘Open‘ is painted on the triangle of the door which indicates always open.

There are lots of very cleverly framed shots in this movie with words and symbols in the background. They are so carefully placed that they are very hard to spot even when you slow the movie down. All Peter Fonda movies are like this. His dad Henry always thought there was something very wrong with him.

“As far as I can tell, I was consciously kept in the dark. I haven’t the foggiest idea why. I used to think about reasons in order to work it out within my own mind. My major in college was not drama; it was child psychology. I wanted to figure out myself, who I am. I was Henry Fonda’s son, but that’s not who I am. You know what? I am the smartest member of the family, so maybe they figured if they told me I’d go berserk and kill them . . .”


The sign in the background says ‘Staffles’.

Staffles: “To increase or decrease something in stages or increments over a specific time period.”


The tow truck says ‘Tom Duell’s’ on it I believe. Nascar was the first thing that came up when I searched it.

Frank talks to the attendant. He tells him to “check the water”. It seems like Frank knows the attendant.

Fonda goes back into the shop to see if the phone is working yet. The horse food says ‘Omala‘ on the bag. Omala appears to be a music artist and also can related to Shell the oil company. He passes a Native elder who is sitting in a chair.


Sea Horse Trading – he said omala

The phone now works but when the attendant swipes the gas card outside the phone stops working and then he smiles. The writing on the wall is important as it is in all of Peter Fonda’s movies. I can only make out the bottom right where it says ‘Mary Mary‘.

We see the man sitting in the tow truck for a split second. He bows his head as the camper door shuts.

The tow truck rams their camper from behind while another truck ahead of the camper slows down suddenly. This scene looks exactly like Highway 4 in Wentworth.

Then we see the red truck with the barrel again and there is an air traffic control tower in the background which would seem to indicate that there is an airport close by.

The truck is a Staffles truck. Nothing much comes up when I search for Staffles.

Frank gets in the driver’s seat of the camper and he appears to be under divine control or possessed. He wants to drive now.

The school bus says No. 13 Medina Valley on it. That is a real life school board in San Antonio Texas.


There are 3 or 4 cars behind them as the chase scene continues. Roger ends up killing one of the people that are chasing them. The people chasing them are evil.

One of the evil people tries to pour gasoline inside the camper since he is unable to get in.

There are 4 vehicles behind them and a white pickup truck.

Unable to outrun the devils, Roger begins throwing Molotov cocktails at them.

The white pickup truck is the hardest for them to outrun. This scene looks a lot like Wentworth and Glenholme where a white pickup truck was spotted from the air. The white pickup truck is in the background of many of the scenes in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry.

After outrunning the devils, the 4 vehicles behind him remain at a distance and continue to follow. This was also described by a witness on April 19 at Shubie who said there were 4 marked police cars behind Wortman, seemingly escorting him.

They approach another construction zone and are again wondering if it is a set up. They look at the markings on the vehicles and agree that they must be actual government vehicles so they feel safe.

The construction worker advises that the detour is 82 miles down the road.

Throughout the movie they refer to their headlights and how they are not working. I also notice a few of the vehicles in the movie have burnt out taillights. Lights seem to be a key theme in the movie.

They pull over at sunset.

Fonda says he is going to make them the driest Martinis ever. Then all of the devils and demons surround their camper with fire and begin chanting satanic words as the fire traps the occupants of the motor home.

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