EHS and DNR radio comms April 19th 2020

3:08 – EHS LifeFlight advises that they are enroute to Portapique to stage with paramedics at the Great Village Firehall.

3:56 – EHS dispatch advises paramedics to stage at the Great Village Firehall as the roadblocks have now been moved back from the Portapique scene for safety.

9:30 – EHS dispatch advises paramedics arriving at the Great Village Firehall to not enter the firehall, as RCMP say they are assessing a patient inside.

RCMP radio communications April 18 2020 in Portapique Nova Scotia

11:45 – Paramedics advise dispatch that they are enroute to Cumberland Regional Hospital with one “difficult” patient on board and one RCMP officer.

16:08 – Paramedics are transporting a patient to Colchester Regional Hospital.

27:50 – EHS unit 210 is posted to Milford.

28:30 – EHS unit 210 advises that the door code to the Milford EHS Station is not working. The Watch Commander quickly pipes up and tells the paramedic to go to the ‘TAC’ radio channel.

31:58 – EHS unit 98 is dispatched to Highway 4 in Wentworth. 98 does not respond right away so the dispatcher does a Radio check on the Portapique comms channel North 3.

Glenholme to Wentworth (May 2020)

32:35 – EHS unit 98 is dispatched to 14143 Highway 4 in Wentworth. The call is categorized as an obvious death so they respond code 2 which is less critical than code 1.

33:32 – EHS unit 210 in Milford advises they are switching back to the Central comms channel.

35:26 – DNR helicopter Patrol 4 is on comms channel Mutual Aid 6. RCMP Command asks if the pilot has comms channel Law on his radio. He responds “yes” and is told to switch to either Law 5 or 6.

35:55 – DNR helicopter advises that they are over Plains Road in Debert.

Time 10:13 am.
36:05 – Firefighters are dispatched to 1760 Plains Road in Debert.

Heather O’Brien’s car in the ditch on Plains Road.
Possibly a piece of Heather O’Brien’s car.
ERT arriving at Heather O’Brien’s car.

June 19 2020 – The Nova Scotia Rampage route driven by Gabriel Wortman

36:48 – Patrol 4 radios RCMP command post on Mutual Aid 6.

Note: Kristen Beaton was killed at 10:02 am. A call comes in for a 2 vehicle mva on Plains Road and the Debert Fire Brigade is dispatched. Wortman still hasn’t passed the Onslow Belmont Firehall. It takes 8 minutes to get from Plains Road to that firehall.


36:55 – The DNR pilot advises RCMP command that he tried to contact them on comms channels Law 5 and 6 but no one responded. RCMP command advises they will “switch right over”.

38:00 – EHS paramedic 108 is dispatched to Plains Road in Debert. EHS seems to think that this is simply a 2 vehicle mva. They seem unaware of the situation. They respond code 1 which is the most critical type of call, unlike the shooting on Highway 4 in Wentworth which was code 2 as an obvious death. This would seem to indicate that there were signs of life on Plains Road.

39:48 – EHS medic 108 suggests that dispatch send the LifeFlight helicopter to Plains Road based on the notes he is reading. This also seems to indicate that there were signs of life, otherwise they would not request the helicopter.

Hunter Road

40:10 – EHS medic 108 asks dispatch if the Plains Road incident is a regular mva or related to Portapique.

40:55 – EHS medic 108 advises dispatch that RCMP say it is safe for them to enter the Plains Road scene. The dispatcher makes sure that 108 read the note that she put on his tablet.

41:45 – DNR Patrol 4 advises his dispatch that he still cannot reach the RCMP on the radio channel that the RCMP told him to use. Dispatch advises that it is not a technical issue but there is a reason why he cannot reach them. I can’t make out what she says exactly.

44:05 – DNR helicopter Patrol 4 lands in Debert. My inside source says it landed in order to pick up an ERT member to patrol from the sky or possibly command. This is all in the movie ‘Dirt Mary Crazy Larry’.

44:45 – EHS dispatch send medic 122 to “the base”. Dispatch advises them to have a look at their tablet to see improtant notes.

45:25 – EHS dispatch contacts a medic which is likely 122 to confirm that their ambulance is inside the base and that they received the latest note on their tablet.

Truro, Shubenacadie, Enfield


46:25 – The DNR pilot advises dispatch that he is airborne with 2 souls on board. (The pilot and the ERT member) He tells dispatch that he will talk to them “in thirty”.

46:55 – EHS medic 122 advises that a car just drove by the Milford Base with its sirens on but no one is outside. They are apparently waiting for Cst Chad Morrison who fled the Shubie traffic circles after being shot. Medics then confirm that an RCMP cruiser has arrived at the base and the unit number of the vehicle matches the number in their notes. They say that he (the member) has been shot in the foot.

47:35 – EHS medic 122 confirms that the 10-13 is with them in the base.

47:50 – DNR member ‘101’ advises that station 100 is manned.

48:56 – DNR Patrol 4 advises that he is over Shubie and sees vehicles on fire and other police vehicles on scene. Dispatch advise that their last sighting of Wortman was at the exit (exit 9) on Highway 102 in Milford. 

Who spotted him and why did they not pursue? Did Cst Chad Morrison get shot in Milford or in Shubie because at this time, he too is in Milford at the EHS base with a gunshot wound to the foot.

49:45 – The DNR pilot advises that he is landing in a farmer’s field west of Milford just for a minute. This exact scenario is also in the movie ‘Dirt Mary Crazy Larry’.

50:00 – EHS medic 110 is dispatched to Highway 224 in Shubie east and the call is code 1, which is usually a sign of life. Medics are told to reference their tablets for details as they cannot broadcast them over the air because Wortman can hear everything. (Times confirmed at 1:22:10) Dispatched at 11:17 am Enroute 11:19 am Arrival 11:36 am Cleared scene at 11:57 am.

Gabriel Wortman appears to be yelling at Cst Heidi Stevenson in this photo.

Nova Scotia Massacre evidence compilation

How did Wortman see Morrison. This would have been Wortman’s perspective as he approached Highway 224 which is on the left in this photo. The Shubie traffic circles are just ahead.

DNR Headquarters was next to the Shubie scenes.
Entering the Shubie traffic circle from the north side.

50:45 – The DNR helicopter advises that he is airborne again heading south towards Elmsdale with 2 souls on board. Why did the ERT member in the helicopter have them land in Milford? Who spotted Wortman here?

Memorial in Shubenacadie for Joey Webber and Heidi Stevenson.

51:05 – EHS unit 122 advises that they are currently treating an RCMP member in the back of an ambulance.

51:20 – EHS unit 112 advises that they are currently stuck in Colchester Regional Hospital due to lockdown.

51:50 – EHS unit 122 who is in Milford at the base advises that they are about to transport an officer but his vehicle is unlocked and he left a gun in the woods. The dispatcher quickly advises 122 to standby.

Highway 224 in Milford looking south. This would be Wortman’s perspective after leaving Gina Goulet’s house.

52:08 – EHS unit 122 advises that they are enroute to Colchester Regional Hospital with an RCMP officer code 1. The QE2 Hospital which has a trauma center is equally as close being in Halifax.

Willow Street Truro.

52:33 – RCMP command post radios the DNR chopper on the Mutial Aid channel to advise that they have reports of the suspect being “down” in Enfield off of Exit 11 on Highway 102. Exit 11 is Stewiacke. RCMP asks DNR Patrol 4 what direction he is heading to. The DNR pilot advises that he just dropped a member off at that location. However, the location they likely meant was the Enfield Big Stop as he refers to the weigh scales.

Exit 12 Highway 104 roadblock.

53:43 – Halifax Fire unit 2 Aerial is contacted by dispatch advising that he is getting muffled communications and wants to check to see if 2 Aerial can hear him okay. 2 Aerial advises he hears dispatch loud and clear. Then 3 Aerial calls in to dispatch but they also cannot hear him.

54:26 – Halifax Fire dispatch advises that they will have an engineer check the radio system. 

55:05 – Likely unrelated but the River Hibert Fire Department responds to a call on Harrison Lake Rd. Sounds like a small fire.

56:09 – EHS unit 122 radios Watch Commander 8 while enroute to the hospital.

Paul Palango on the Nova Scotia RCMP and Portapique

56:44 – Valley Dispatch radio contacts unit Shubie 111 to advise that the RCMP are looking for assistance at Highway 224 and Highway 102. He then advises him that the RCMP say the vehicle fires in Shubie are spreading as it is windy and they advise it is safe for Shubie 111 to go to the scene. 

57:55 – Valley Dispatch asks DNR unit 101 if he too would like to respond to the Highway 102 and 224 scene and 101 advises he is on scene.

Gabriel’s Inferno.

11:53 am | 58:45 – DNR units 121 and 111 are responding to a call.

59:25 – An unknown EHS unit advises that they are clearing the scene at RCMP’s request.

Shubie collision scene.

59:54 – DNR unit 111 asks his partner to see what “they” (likely RCMP) want and then asks Valley Dispatch for a radio channel.

1:03:28 – EHS dispatch sends a unit to stage at a scene.

1:04:40 – The EHS unit that is now staged on their scene advises they are not enter the scene until they have confirmation of safety.

1:07:54 – EHS unit 58 is dispatched to a second call in Shubie and they are advised to stage for safety reasons. Unit 58 seems hesitant to respond, then dispatch tells them once again that they are to respond. The call then gets reassigned.

This photo is from the internet. Not sure what the yellow circles are for.
Cloverleaf Circle.

1:09:56 – EHS unit 58 is dispatched to 81 Highway 224 in Shubie code 1 to stage, which would indicate that there are signs of life. Also, this address is not Gina Goulet’s house.

Gina Goulet’s property. She was the last victim.

1:12:00 – DNR unit 101 asks Valley Dispatch at the request of the RCMP to have Shubie and Milford Fire Departments to be paged and standby at their stations and that he will contact them directly.

1:13:00 At 12:48, Valley Dispatch pages Shubie and Milford Fire.

1:14:17 – DNR unit 102 advises Milford Fire that he will call them on his cell phone.

1:15 38 – EHS unit 58 is enroute code 2 to Colchester Regional Hospital. 

1:19:55 – EHS unit 98 is taken off their call and instructed to go to Truro Base.

1:20:38 – EHS unit 110 is also taken out of service and instructed to go to the base in Truro for a “debriefing”. 

1:21:04 – EHS unit 1 is also taken out of service and instructed to go to the base in Truro for a “debriefing”.

1:21:14 – EHS unit 122, E1033, 126, 102 is also taken out of service and instructed to go to the base in Truro for a “debriefing”.

1:22:55 – DNR unit 111 asks the other firefighter to shut off the foam. Why is DNR operating as firefighters for a vehicle fire? Why did the RCMP request Milford and Shubie Fire Departments to be paged? 

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