Easy Rider movie and Portapique – chapter one

Peter Fonda rides the “Captain America” chopper in Easy Rider

Fonda uses a technique known in film known as ‘depth of field‘ where one subject is placed in the foreground of the scene and another subject is placed in the background. In all of his movies he places specific text and specific objects in a manner so that those who are looking will see the hidden messages. The similarities between this movie and Portapique is significant.

The Eagle’s Nest – Part 1

Easy Rider Character Analysis


Behind The Motorcycles In ‘Easy Rider’ A Long-Obscured Story

“There was the version, described in an interview by Bert Schneider, one of the original producers, that cast the story as a post apocalyptic fantasy. There was one written by screenwriter Sean Jacques, working with Lauren Lloyd  the producer of the fast-paced movie “Cellular” in which Peter Fonda’s character, Wyatt, or Captain America, is not dead, but in jail on murder charges, and then becomes a cult hero”.


One fan hopes to make sequel to ‘Easy Rider’ 

“And there was the plan by David Kaplan, a real estate investor committed to transcendental meditation who briefly owned the rights. He wanted a script that would have taken the motorcycle journey to a resort in North Carolina, owned by Kaplan, connected with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”.


The secret Jewish history of Easy Rider


A young Gabriel Wortman pulls a wheely.

Death’s Angel: Peter Fonda in Easy Rider

“You’re such a cruel mother,” Wyatt whispers to a granite angel in a New Orleans cemetery, deep in the throes of acid vexations, “I hate you so much.” His hour of obliteration is almost at hand.


Billy is played by Dennis Hopper and Wyatt is played by Peter Fonda.

Peter Fonda


Peter Fonda

Dennis Hopper


Dennis Hopper

Jack Nicholson


Jack Nicholson

The Movie

They arrive at a bar on their Honda dirt bikes. The bar is called ‘La Content‘ which means ‘happy’ in Spanish. There are 4 triangles on the sign outside pointing upward. There is a boy who is wearing orange and sitting on a bench holding a black umbrella on a sunny day.


The name Lucky Lager is written on the wall, which is an American beer company.


Weak American beer 🙂

Billy has the cash in the bag. They meet the Colombian cocaine connect. There are white socks in the background, a fridge, barrel, and what appears to be a giant pot. Throughout the movie, the background actors stare at the camera.

They go behind the bar with the Colombian connect. Fonda’s character ‘Wyatt’ can speak or at least understand Spanish.

The scrapyard looks similar to the Debert welding shop owned by Brian MacDonald. The scrapyard in Debert is next to a private airport as well. Multiple sources close to the Portapique investigation have been saying from day one that Wortman was at the Debert Airport for some kind of transaction, possibly with a cartel. He did have $475,000 on him so that would explain the cash.

The Debert welding shop at 123 Ventura Drive which is next door to the private airport in Debert.

Debert; the one that got away

Keep an eye on Billy (Dennis Hopper) throughout the movie. Anytime Billy, and only Billy is around any kind of animal, the animal freaks out. In this scene he takes a line of coke then a dog starts barking in the background so he looks over his shoulder for a moment. Billy often touches people as well.

The Coke is delivered inside of what looks to be battery cells. There are many references to fuel cells and time throughout this movie and all Peter Fonda movies.

As they finish the Coke deal, a plane lands at the airport. There are 4 lights behind Fonda and something else flying in the air in the background. Weeks after the NS Massacre a bird struck a Canadian Snowbirds plane on take off killing one pilot. The pilot was Captain Jennifer Casey who happened to visit the Debert airport just weeks before and she was also from Nova Scotia.


After two Boeing 737 Max planes crashed within five months, killing 346 people, the model was grounded – March 2019


Then they move to an airport to make another deal. The left front fender of the white pickup truck is melted. Wortman’s F-150 was never accounted for but the DNR helicopter spotted a Ford F-150 while over Debert.. This looks just like the airport in Debert. I suppose an airport is an airport.

Wyatt is offered a hit of the Coke to celebrate the deal but politely refuses.

The intro songs are The Pusher and Born To Be Wild.

Wyatt cleverly hides the cash and the stash in his motorcycle. Wortman’s carpenter buddy said that Wortman had a second exhaust system on his truck that was fake and used to stash drug shipments in.

Wortman’s carpenter buddy said that Wortman had a second exhaust system on his truck that was fake and used to stash drug shipments in.

The doubleheaded Eagle on Wyatt’s jacket is one of the many symbols Freemasons use to low key hide in plain sight.

The upright stones throughout the movie remind me of these Phallus stones just north of Hunter Road near Wallace, Nova Scotia.

After throwing away his watch (which seems to be symbolic of throwing away time) the pair hit the open road. Also notice the reflection in Wyatt’s left mirror. It is reflecting the stars of his helmet. which he is not wearing. According to Wyatt’s watch, the time is 22 minutes to 12 p.m.

“The key scene of Wyatt tossing his Rolex to the ground was staged in Ballarat, east of Route 178, between Trona and Stovepipe Wells on the western edge of Death Valley.”


Billy and Wyatt ride south on Park Moabi Road, from Park Moabi itself over the railtracks to what is now I-40, south of Needles on the California/Arizona border. Just to the east on I-40, they cross the Colorado River into Arizona at Topock, and its three bridges (the old Trails Arch Bridge is the one crossed in the opposite direction by the Joad family in John Ford’s 1940 film of The Grapes Of Wrath).”


Strangely, the film has a disclaimer warning that “The characters depicted in this photography are ficticious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental”.

There are a couple of statues in the film that look like the same statues Wortman had at his 200 PBR cottage.

Arriving at a motel that has the number 76 on the sign and a triangle. The local Wallace NS Masonic Lodge in Oxford is also number 76. The hotel manager answers the door and it seems like maybe he doesn’t see the two bikers. Could they be evil entities traveling through time?

“The motel owner hurriedly turns on the ‘No vacancies’ sign once he realizes his potential customers are bikers. This was the Pine Breeze Motel at Belmont situated among the pine tree covered Sacred Mountains, about 12 miles west of Flagstaff, Arizona. The stretch of Route 66, on which it stood, is now a disused section of East Belmont Road, running alongside I-40. Ironically, the site is now a biker mecca. There’s a Harley-Davidson dealership, and the Route 66 Roadhouse Bar and Grill, 11840 West Route 66, Belmont , displays the film’s original ‘No vacancies’ sign over the bar. The abandoned gas station and the motel itself can still be seen crumbling away on the bar’s grounds about a mile to the east.”


Wallace Nova Scotia Freemason Lodge 76


They can’t stay at the motel so they camp outside. There are a lot of dogs barking. Wyatt says “I’m just getting my thing together”. After Billy touches Wyatt’s shoulder, the scene quickly cuts to a see-through or clear roof that lets the light shine in.

Wyatt finds a book that has a UFO on the cover. The book is called ‘Turning Time’. One week after the Nova Scotia massacre the Pentagon officially released UFO footage and confirmed that UFO’s are real.


A UFO flew over Halifax one month before the massacre.

This happened on the same day Justin Trudeau made a surprise visit to Nova Scotia.

Wyatt is wearing the same motorcycle jacket as the one hanging beside Wortman’s Easy Rider chopper in Bear Lodge at 136 Orchard Beach Drive and he has the same chopper. I sometimes wonder if the chopper in Wortman’s lodge was the one from the movie. It was auctioned off in 2014 to an anonymous bidder. There’s an article on that at the bottom of this page.

As they depart their camping spot a mule passes them and reacts to their presence as they pass by. This happens multiple times throughout the movie where animals are shaken by the presence of Billy.

The Ranch

They arrive at a ranch and put the chopper in a barn. The horse freaks out when the bikers are close by. At first it seems as though it’s the motorcycle engine revving that scares the horse but it actually seems to be the evil presence of the two bikers that is freaking out the horse. Note that the engine revs a second time but the horse does not react.

The barn in the movie has the deer antlers hanging on the wall like Wortman’s lodge / warehouse. The light is on inside the garage on a bright sunny day.

Fonda uses the technique I mentioned previously known as ‘depth of field‘ where one subject is placed in the foreground of the scene and another subject is placed in the background. A possible metaphor in this scene is Mounties (RCMP) in the foreground fixing their horse’s shoe, and bikers in the background fixing their motorcycle’s ‘shoe’ or tire.


Dinner time. Wortman use to regularly travel to Indian Reserves in Northern New Brunswick and Northern Maine. The stonework is similar to Wortman’s cottage. It almost seems like both bikers are evil spirits traveling through time and they are visiting various people as they travel throughout the movie.


Wyatt tells the ranch owner that he should be proud because not many people can live free on their own. He says “you do your own thing in your own time man”. Time being a key factor in all of Fonda’s movies. The ranch owner proudly declares that his wife is Catholic.

They hit the open road and it seems like the song that is playing is relevant as they ride pass stone quarries and mountains. They pick up a hitch hiker. The hitch hiker’s bag says E ° S. This bag is flaunted in front of the camera in a mysterious and very purposeful way throughout the movie. In a later scene we see the letters on the bag reversed to say 23.

The hitch hiker is wearing red striped pants.

Sacred Mountain Gas Station

This scene looks a lot like that photo Wortman posted a month before the Massacre where he is feeding the bear and there is a carriage wheel in the background that also has 14 spokes. The photo is timestamped as 2018 but was not posted until 2019. Also note, Wortman was Gay and in the Gay community the term ‘bear‘ means something different. Does Billy represent the bear?


Bears are also big part of Freemasonry.


There are five stars on Fonda’s helmet in the foreground and the letters ‘CO’ in the background which stand for ‘Correctional Officer’. There are two such scenes like this in the movie and there were two Correctional Officers killed April 19 on Hunter Road in Wentworth along the Wallace River.

The hitchhiker offers to fuel Billy’s Harley but is not allowed as Billy’s bike contains the stash in the gas tank. Note that on April 19th there happened to be a biker at the Enfield Big Stop gas station with his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The hitchhiker is allowed to fuel up Wyatt’s bike. His rings are overtly displayed to the camera which is a common thing among Freemasons. His trigger finger or index finger does not rest on the trigger of the fuel pump so he is likely familiar with firearms and also, I wonder how he is pumping fuel if the trigger on the pump is not engaged. It doesn’t look to me like he is actually engaging the trigger for the pump but maybe he is.

There are stripes on his gas tank and helmet just like Wortman’s RCMP cruiser. Most cruisers only have 4 stripes and Wortman’s had 6, so his cruiser was marked uniquely for those who were in the know to be able to identify him.

The gas station is surrounded by mountains as is the gas station in Wentworth, Nova Scotia. If you search the random words written on the gas station you will find references to ancient dinosaurs. Cumberland and Colchester Counties, where the NS Massacre took place, are considered ground zero for Scientists and Geologists who study dinosaurs and history. There is also a site in Debert that is said to be the most significant historic site in Nova Scotia. It is called The Debert Palaeo-Indian National Historic Site and it is beside the two Plains Road scenes where the nurses were killed.


Parrsboro Museum


Joggins NS Fossil Cliffs


“The Sacred Mountain gas station“. The stranger they picked up insists they don’t pay for gas, has closed – this building is still there, on the west side of US Route 89 at 150 Road, about 20 miles north of Flagstaff.


The three bikers leave the gas station and head off into the sunset. But wait, they didn’t pay for the gas, yet the cashier just stares out the window as if she doesn’t see them. A possible theory is they are evil entities traveling through time. After all, they didn’t actually pump any gas right? The hitch hiker said “it’s taken care of.”

They leave the gas station with the mountains in the background like the Wentworth gas station. Wortman sat behind the Wentworth gas station for some time on April 19 2020 before he drove 1 km south and killed Lylian Hyslop Campbell. She was walking in the 13,000 block of Highway 4 where the painted cross hatches are on the road. Highway 4 has a notable amount of these cross hatches and in the movies they randomly show a clip of these same cross hatches.

There are many rock and stone formations and rock quarries in Fonda’s movies which can be related to Freemasonry and Greek-Celtic mythology. There are multiple stone quarries in Colchester County and Wortman’s lodge at 136 Orchard Beach Drive was built on top of a stone quarry.

Billy and Wyatt pass by the MittensThe Mittens, Monument Valley, Arizona. Still carrying their passenger, Billy and Wyatt ride northeast through the pink, red and gray strata of the spectacular Painted Desert and onto that great screen favorite, Monument Valley, made famous by John Ford in films such as Stagecoach and The Searchers.”


The hitch hiker’s shadow (middle) is significantly larger than the other two shadows and not proportional to his size.

They hit the road in the morning. The hitchhiker has a lighthouse on his left arm in some scenes and in others he does not. He wears brown boots and his pants have stripes like an RCMP uniform. Wortman allegedly drove past the Masstown Market which happens to have a lighthouse. There also use to be a lighthouse at 4 Faris Lane in Portapique where the ex-con who was rescued on April 18th lived.

Here’s a post I made documenting the many references to brown boots in Freemasonry and how they relate to Colchester County. – Boots on the Ground; how diving into one Portapique rabbit hole led to 13 more

Portapique Lighthouse

“In 1882, a light was established on the western head at the entrance to Portapique River in the form of a lantern on a mast.” – Portapique lighthouse


The Farm

They arrive at a location along a river, very similar to Hunter Road which runs along the Portapique River, Debert River, Shubenacadie River, and Wallace River where Wortman allegedly traveled to early April 19. Rivers have been known throughout history to have elevated levels of spiritual activity. See the below photos and article.

The Spirituality of Rivers


The hitchhiker continues to display the bag overtly for the camera.

One women is wearing a black and white plaid blanket. All of the women are busy with their knives. One women even has a knife in her brown boot.

The inside of the farm that they are in looks a lot like the backside of Wortman’s cottage as far as the construction.

Fonda looks at an LAPD photo in the barn. Fonda had purchased 4 Harley Dvidson motorcycles from the LAPD, 2 of which were used in the movie. Then there is a scene where a women is putting her clothes back on and someone is seen gripping a machete. One photo says ‘carcas’ in the scene. In the last scene a doll is missing its head and a feather is stuck in its place.

There is a ‘Gorilla Theatre’ in the farm and everyone is dressed strangely. Red spandex, masks, a Russian hat. John Zahl was a Russian Linguist for the U.S. government (before the internet was edited) and there happens to be an outdoor theatre in Parrsboro too called Ships Company Theatre. Wortman’s lodge was also a place where people liked to dress up and play with each other.


One women remarks that the water in the river is 80 degrees but it’s below freezing if you put your hand in from a foot away. The number 80 is a number sometimes used by the RCMP. For instance, their headquarters is located at 80 Garland Avenue in Dartmouth. They do this to troll the Hell’s Angels who’s identifying number is 81.

The hitchhiker says that they brought in homeless people to work on their farm. He says that there are only 15 to 20 of them left. When I visited Portapique there was a tour bus sitting on a property with a New Brunswick licence plate on it. Buses are commonly used to shuttle foreign workers to and from the farms. There are a lot of foreign workers in Colchester County as well as a hostile in Wentworth.

At 35 minutes into the movie the camera slowly pans around the room showing each character’s face. They are all staring at something. We do not get to see what it is but we hear a baby crying the whole time until a guy who looks like Charles Manson says a prayer and then they eat. We never get to see what they are eating and I don’t want to try and guess.

They go skinny dipping in a river that has a pool with a partial castle or stone structure of some sort. The waves seem to represent ripples in time, a theme throughout Fonda’s films. Billy drags one of the women by her hair through the water which seems very weird and creepy.

“The spring where Billy and Wyatt go skinny dipping with two girls is Manby Hot Springs, in the Rio Grande gorge, a couple of miles southwest of Arroyo Hondo, north of Taos. There’s room for five or six people in the naturally heated pools and clothing, as they say, is still optional these days.”


The property is some kind of farm. The hitchhiker seems to be of good character. He is allowed to be near the people but Billy is not, they seem to sense something bad about Billy. Again, Wyatt refers to time

“Your’re time is running out man”.
“Yea man, I’m hip about time I just gotta go”.

The Eagle on his jacket is the same as those APL shipping containers and as stated previously is a symbol of Freemasonry. There are a lot of shipping containers on Portapique properties and when I was there, an Eagle watched over the area.

This website is a great resource for fraternities and their secret symbols.


The Parade

The Parade was filmed in Las Vegas – not the glitzy casino city of Nevada but the tiny frontier town in New Mexico, on US Route 85 about 50 miles east of Santa Fe.”


After leaving the hitchhiker at the farm, Wyatt and Billy hit the road and the scene immediately cuts to a brass tuba in a Las Vegas parade with red serge reflecting.

Natal Day Parade 2019 in Dartmouth Nova Scotia – (beside Wortman’s clinic on Portland Street.

Nova Scotia’s Freemason Grand Lodge in the parade with Halifax Fire and other Masonic organizations. “2B1 2A1 – To be one ask one”

St Paddy’s Day Parade In Halifax

Natal Day Parade In Halifax (beside Wortman’s Novalea denture clinic)


The xylophone has two tapered necks like Brown Loop in Portapique. These can also be referred to as Marimba’s and they are most common in Asia and South America.


A lady plays a flute. There are some that believe the flute represents something evil.


This study is based on an observation that some professional flute players in Sudan are psychologically disturbed.


6 stars with the brass Tuba and red serge in the background. The name tuba comes from the Latin word for tube, but was also used for an ancient bronze instrument used in Greece and Rome.”


‘United’ in the background the number ‘3’ in the foreground on the drum. There are three of them traveling together throughout the movie.

There is a ‘Valley Distributors’ truck. This truck is also in other Fonda movies. Also one sign says ‘Chainsaws’.

The cowboy lassos the cop car with his rope and background actors stare directly at the camera.

The Eagle’s Nest – Part 1

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