Easy Rider movie and Portapique – chapter three

Wortman wore similar glasses like Fonda’s in that picture where he is beside the helicopter. Actually he is holding them in that pic and wearing an orange North Face vest. There is a ongoing joke I have heard where someone said that anyone who wears a North Face jacket is a cop. Not sure why he would have been standing next to a Canadian military helicopter if he was not federally connected.

After they exit the diner all of the ladies follow them. It seems as though the ladies do see all 3 of them. The ladies are also overtly displaying their fingers like Freemasons do, possibly to show their rings as with all of the news clips and photos from Portapique. Plaid is commonly used to signify which clan a person belongs to.. Finger gestures are very common in Freemasonry and it’s just one method they use to low key hide in plain sight while signifying their affiliation. You can see much more information on Freemasons and their symbols in the below article.

Secret societies and fraternities – chapter one

The lawyer (George Hanson) says that saying you’re free and actually having freedom are two different things. He says society is afraid of freedom because it interferes with the economy.

The hillbillies from the diner show up at the camp site while the 3 bikers are sleeping and beat the lawyer with clubs. The scene cuts quickly and then the lawyer is dead and Wyatt is holding a knife and there is a slit in the lawyer’s plaid blanket.

They find a note and then in the next scene, Billy and Wyatt are eating something that appears to be delicious. I really don’t want to imagine what they are eating.

For whatever reason, Billy’s cowboy hat is flipped up on the right side in some scenes and in other scenes it’s the opposite.

Brothel scene; Wortman and Lisa were both hardcore swingers and very active in the swinger community. The inside of the hat appears to show an American and Mexican flag logo.

The writing says: “All paths to glory lead but to the grave.”

Lions are a big symbol in Greek Mythology.

“Death only closes a mans (no apostrophe) reputation and determines it as good or bad”.

The very next scene quickly cuts to a vehicle burning on the side of the road.

Another Michigan shirt in New Orleans. George Hanson (who is played by Jack Nicholson) is an alcoholic lawyer from Michigan, just like Gabriel Wortman’s friend Tom Evans who also was an alcoholic lawyer that originated from Michigan and lived with Wortman in Fredericton NB.

To my dear friend Gabriel Wortman


Roosevelt opened on September 22, 1924. It closed as a result of the economic impact of Covid in December 18, 2020.


A similar statue to the Cottage statue.

The Headless Horseman is a figure in Greek Mythology and the woman in the background has an Octopus in her stomach.


A Native Elder is in one scene. There are lots of Native burial grounds in Debert and there is one where Wortman’s Portland Street clinic was located. Recently an effort was underway to determine if the residential school in Shubenacadie Nova Scotia has any bodies buried on the property due to the recent discoveries in British Columbia.


They walk through a construction site where a machine is pile-driving a post into the ground. Real Estate Developers and the Nova Scotia government have been pile-driving steel beams into the sea bed in the Halifax harbour for years and building more buildings all the while screaming that climate change is an emergency.

For over five years, real estate developers have been pile-driving and in-filling every inch of the Halifax waterfront.

Then a scene with graves and stones in the foreground and a construction machine in the background with steam coming out of it, or coming out of the ground. The scene at the beginning of the movie where Wyatt finds the book ‘Turning Time‘ there is a pressure gauge positioned on a map in such a way that one could infer that it is representing pressure in the earth. Pressure is another theme like time throughout Fonda’s movies as he places pressure control valves in all of his movies.

They bend down in this scene and something seems to sting Billy as he jumps but it does not affect Wyatt. It’s a dead dog.

Continuing with the graveyard theme and there’s more stonework.

The number 26 is written on the headstone behind them at 1 hour and 23 minutes in. These numbers are also seen at the beginning of the movie. Then there is the number 22. Wortman massacred 22 people. Two of the trucks that were sort of chasing Wortman were numbered 22 and 23.

Making out and getting high in a graveyard.

Orgy in a graveyard. Wortman and his best friend Lisa lived next to a graveyard.

A stone cross with the name Brasseur stamped on it. Here’s an article on an RCMP officer named Brasseur.


Just a super evil vibe around 1 hour and 25 minutes. Billy (Dennis Hopper) seems very evil. He is always pulling women’s hair and he keeps collapsing from the demons in him. There is a documentary on Dennis Hopper that goes into his past and his dark side. He even once spoke randomly in Tongues.

Along for the Ride Trailer

A fist raised in the air. A common sight in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd. #icantbreath. Also there is a feather beside it.

The building in this scene resembles the Diefenbunker in Debert.

Desert Diefenbunker 2014


A pickup truck can be seen in the area to the left as they hit the road at sunrise. We know L.J. was driving his pickup truck around Debert on the morning of April 19 after the RCMP had told him to leave Portapique. He went to a friend’s house until it was safe to leave.

There was bridge construction on Highway 102 at Exit 7 where they were building a new bridge just like this. See my Youtube video below toward the end of the video.

The entire route driven by the Wortman

Easy Rider movie and Portapique – chapter four

The Eagle’s Nest – Part 1

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