Easy Rider movie and Portapique – chapter four

They pass lots of train tracks on their adventure. There are train tracks and train bridges in Wentworth, Debert, Truro, Shubie which was the route Wortman allegedly took.

A couple of fuel storage tanks and pipes in the background is some scenes. His helmet now has one of the stars slightly scratched off of it.

Wortman passed an Esso station in Brookfield allegedly. Also, note how the RCMP didn’t release full size surveillance photos and look at how well they cropped the image of the RCMP cruiser at the Esso. They did this so you can’t see whether there is a push bar or not on the RCMP car, and the media like to crop the images down even more so it’s hard to decipher any useful information from the photos. They conflate them by combining them into a single info graphic, ensuring the public will not be able to see them clearly and accurately. The RCMP cruiser at the Esso station could be any one of 100 plus cruisers that were roaming the streets that day.

Wortman passed the Shubie water tower, Debert water tower, and Elmsdale water tower.

They celebrate after their adventure, Billy says they’re rich and now they can go to Florida. The ‘Lisa’ FB group which I found after searching for ‘Portapique’ has 24 members and is a closed group. The group admin owns a charter boat company in Florida. I have no idea why Facebook would return a result of ‘Lisa‘ for a search query of ‘Portapique‘. If you remember Sybill Rennie from that Global News article ‘To my dear friend Gabriel Wortman.’ she is the real estate agent Wortman dealt with in Fredericton NB, and she also has an address in Florida.


Wyatt says he is through, and that they blew it. Allegedly, Wortman said “I am through” the day before the massacre when he and Lisa visited the Springhill jail where Sean MacLeod worked.

The sign shown during sunrise says ‘swing a little‘ and ‘early times’. Wortman was a well known swinger amongs the Amherst swinger community, and on April 19 2020 he began his second massacre early in the morning. There continues to be a lot of construction around them as they ride.

A guy in a pick up truck with a shotgun kills both ridersL.J. said he was driving around Debert on Sunday morning April 19th with his shotgun in his pickup truck after RCMP ordered him to leave Portapique.

The last fiery crash before the ending much like Wortman’s last minutes in Shubenacadie and Enfield. Easy Rider was made in 1969, shortly after Wortman was born.

Two RCMP cruisers burning at the Shubenacadie traffic circles April 19th 2020.

Ryder Sound Service Inc makes a lot of suspicious movies. As in they can all be related to the Portapique.


Producer’s Sound Service also made suspicious movies which can all be related to Wortman and Portapique easily.


13 Facts About Easy Rider


Phil Pitzer is a Michigan Lawyer who purchased the rights to Easy Rider in 2007Wortman also sets up shop in Portapique 2007 which also happens to be the same year the Black Knights of Londonderry closed up shop.


Bob Rafelson was sued by Phil Pitzer in 2007 for Easy Rider film rights.


Bert Schneider who was also a producer on Easy Rider died in 2011.


There were four motorcycles built for Easy Rider. Clifford VaughsSonny‘ claimed to have built two but Pitzer denies that.


Dan Haggerty was given the Easy Rider chopper by Peter Fonda before auctioning it. He died January 15 2016.


Michael Eisanberg purchased the Easy Rider chopper in October 2014. It was then auctioned to an anonymous bidder. Sold for 1.35 million and is the most expensive bike in the world.


Profiles In History Auction Site


You can ride the route they took in the movie as an all in one touring package


Peter Fonda purchased the four Harley Davidsons motorcycles from the LAPD.

Henry Fonda confronted Peter Fonda to tell him he was concerned about him because the movie made no since at all.

William L Hayward was a Lawyer and Producer who committed suicide in March 2008.


The funeral for Dennis Hopper was in New Mexico in 2010. Fonda was not allowed at the funeral. Some of the people around the whole Portapique thing including 2 of the victims of the massacre were from New Mexico.

“In the decades following its release, Hopper and to a lesser extent Fonda, did much to monopolize credit for creating Easy Rider and diminish the primary role of screenwriter Terry Southern generating an ongoing dispute over who deserves credit for writing”. 


Peter Fonda On Easy Rider

The Eagle’s Nest – Part 1

The Peter Fonda Movies and Portapique

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