Easy Rider movie and Portapique – chapter two

The jailhouse scene

‘Doctor Death’ is written on the wall as well as “six months“. Six months after October is April.

George Lujan’s name is written on the wall in the jailhouse scene. I looked him up, he is from New Mexico and died in 2015. The Zahls, who lived at 293 Portapique Beach Road were also from New Mexico.


Johnny Lucero lived in Las Veags, New Mexico and was a courier driver according to his obit. This article disappeared after I linked it. Also, John Zahl was originaly listed as a Russia Linguist for the U.S. government but his obit was edited to say that he too was a courier driver for FedEx. John Zahl lived in New Mexico previously. I see the letter R carved into stones all around Nova Scotia.


Yuma is in Arizona which happens to be a major trafficking hub, similar to Chicago. That’s the only thing I can relate it to.

‘Clarence’ is written on the wall. The below artist has a couple of videos filmed on Clarence Street in Ottawa ON and also he made a video about Portapique. (no disrespect to this artist I am just pointing out the correlation.)

Shooting In Portapique (Satanic Video)

A boot missing a sole. There are so many stories related to boots in Colchester County that I made a post about it below.

Troy Walsh who was murdered in Colchester County also wore brown boots.

Boots on the Ground; how diving into one Portapique rabbit hole led to 13 more

Robert Ruleto is written on the jailhouse wall. He wrote a book called Robert’s Rules Of Order.


August 10 2019 – Jeffrey Edward Epstein dies while on suicide watch in a jail cell


‘TADS’ is written on the jailhouse wall. ‘Target Acquisition and Designation System’ Pilot Night Vision System is the combined sensor and targeting unit fitted to the Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter. Both systems are independent, but housed together.” One month after the massacre, a brand new Canadian Forces Cyclone helicopter, call-sign Stalker 822 – had a software glitch and fell into the ocean, off the coast of Greece.

Fonda’s movies seem to be casting a warning light on the military industrial complex, insurance companies, real estate developers, and police.


TAOS is written on the wall. TAOS is where Dennis Hopper’s compound was located, in Mexico.

Canada helicopter crash: 1 dead, 5 missing off Greece


Stalker 822 seen here in 2018.

‘Nuk’ is written on the jailhouse wall.


A Pair Of Nuknuuks And All Kinds Of Questions – By Paul Palango


Arnold Denker who’s name is written on the jailhouse wall, was a Jewish American Chess player and author. He died in 2005.


Danny M is written on the jailhouse wall. He is a professor of International Studies.


Ricardo Aguilar 1968 is written on the wall in the jailhouse scene. The only thing I see as possibly relatable is a book on Peruvian Traditions written in 1968.


HD Stanton is written on the jailhouse wall. He was a famous actor who died in 2017.


Dwarf is written on the jailhouse wall.


The writing within the shadow of Jack Nicholson just above Peter Fonda says something to the effect of ‘belinde seco ‘. All search results for that come back to Chile South America.

There are a lot of references to sacred land and Catepillar Tractors in all of Peter Fonda’s movies. When they are being released from jail, the cop’s cowboy hat is precisely positioned with the date of April 18th and 19th 1969 above it. Something significant happened in April of 1969John F Kennedy, who opposed secret societies and fraternities was assassinated. Many suspect the Freemasons assassinated him because he opposed them.


Note that the police officers never speak directly to either of the bikers but only to Jack Nicholson because only Jack (the alcoholic lawyer from Michigan) can see them. Wortman had a buddy named Tom Evan’s who was also an alcoholic lawyer from Michigan.

1882 – 1909 is written on the firehouse next to the police station as they are released. Searching these dates brought up an author named George Meredith.

Letters Of George Meredith – 1844-1881

Yara Brothers Welcome YouWhite House Club I can’t relate either to anything.

The sign says Income Tax Block.

There is a sign behind Jack Nicholson that says ‘Sewing Cemetery‘. I couldn’t find it so instead I tried looking at the ‘Se’ portion of the sign as possibly meaning Southeast and there does happen to be a cemetery in Southeast Maine in a town called Wayne and it’s called ‘Wing Cemetery‘. Maine was apparently Wortman’s favourite weekend destination. It’s a stretch I admit but I will throw it in due to Wortman’s significant ties to Maine and his SAR boat which he also used to traffic drugs from the Gulf Of Maine to Portapique.


This article touches on Wortman’s Maine connections as well as his lifelong connection to Tom Evan’s, who was an alcoholic lawyer from Michigan.


Wyatt asks the lawyer if he has a helmet and the lawyer responds “Oh I got a helmet”. He puts on a Michigan State style of football helmet. His shirt also says Michigan State. Tom Evans was a disgraced alcoholic lawyer who travelled with Wortman to the U.S. to traffick drugs.

Billy performs a stunt similar to the stunt legendary biker and builder Indian Larry was known for.


They bring their black and red plaid blanket with them everywhere. There is plaid throughout all of the corporate news media’s coverage (?) of the Portapique story.

This scene looks eerily like Highway 4 in Folly Lake looking east towards the mountains. Even the power lines are the same.

As they arrive at their camp spot, Wyatt’s motorcycle which earlier in the movie (the motel 76 scene) had 5 red lights in one scene, then 3 red lights in another scene, now has 4 red lights.

They camp out and the lawyer says that he never thought he would see his helmet again because he threw it away a week ago. It seems the movie is partially about time travel. It looks like there is a propane tank directly next to them as they have a campfire.

On June 22 2020 there was a massive propane explosion in Debert.


Billy sees an object flying in the sky.

The lawyer says when he was in Mexico there were a lot of UFO’s. He says the UFO folks have bases all over the planet.

The lawyer (Jack Nicholson) elaborates and says UFO’s have been here since 1946 (Roswell was 1947) but the leaders of the world don’t want people to know about them. Some people also say UFO’s are actually demons or some kind of extra dimensional craft. One week after the NS Massacre the Pentagon officially released UFO footage.


There was so much notable cosmic activity, specifically on the week of April 11th to 18th that I made a post about it. What was happening in Nova Scotia in the weeks before the massacre? A legit UFO flew over NS, there were two earthquakes in Dartmouth, a man in Sambro found 28 seals beheaded laying on the shore of the ocean.

The Cosmology of April 2020

Passing graveyards like all along the route Wortman took. There are graveyards along the whole route (marked and unmarked) as well as significant historical areas. When Wortman stopped in Millbrook to put on his traffic vest he was directly across from a graveyard.

 “The cemetery, the city’s oldest, is St Louis Cemetery No.1, 1300 Saint Louis Street at Basin Street, west of the French Quarter.”


Frank Jude Scelfo is an American College Football coach from Texas.


Pulling out after pulling over. Wortman pulled over in Millbrook to put on his traffic vest before heading south to kill a traffic cop.

They arrive at a diner similar to the Enfield Big Stop which also has a diner.


The diner scene shows Billy in the foreground with a top cop in the background (remember, depth of field). There were a few top cops on scene at the Enfield Big Stop April 19th. As previously mentioned, there was a biker at the Enfield Big Stop with his Harley Davidson Motorcycle on April 19th named Billy. The book Dominoes is seen for only a split second and like all of the books in Fonda’s movies, I can’t find it anywhere. It’s possible I am spelling the name incorrectly too.

One character in the diner is wearing a CAT hat which stands for Catepillar Tractors. One of the witnesses at the Enfield Big Stop was wearing a CAT shirt.

There were plenty of top cops at the Enfield Big Stop April 19th. In this scene everyone in the diner is making fun of the 3 bikers saying they are Queers. Wortman was Gay and liked to swing. Is it possible they are only seeing the lawyer, Jack Nicholson? The bikers decide to leave the diner. Superintendent Darren Campbell was one of the top cops on scene in Enfield April 19th.

The woman at the counter seems to be writing down a description of the lawyer. On April 19 the cashier at the Enfield Big Stop allegedly spotted Wortman and called 911.

Wyatt’s (Fonda’s) belt buckle has someone riding a horse on it.

Two men riding horses on his belt buckle.

The trucker watches them leave and says “I still say they’re not going to make the Paris Line”. The Enfield Big Stop where Wortman was executed is on the Halifax/HRM County line and that is where Wortman was killed. Also the Paris Line is a commuter rail network in Paris.

Stations and secrets of Paris Line 1


Easy Rider movie and Portapique – chapter three

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