Dirty Mary Crazy Larry movie – chapter one

Main Characters

In the movie, the police borrow a helicopter from the Department of Fish and Wildlife because theirs is not available. In real life the RCMP borrowed a helicopter from the Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry because their helicopter was unavailable. The helicopter in the movie even lands in a farmer’s field just like the real life helicopter which landed in Milford. The suspects have a two way radio to monitor the police frequency just like Wortman did. All of Peter Fonda’s movies reflect Wortman’s life and the events of April 18th and 19th in Portapique in great detail.


Adam Roarke plays Deke


Peter Fonda plays Larry


Susan George plays Mary Coombs.


Vic Morrow plays Captain Franklin


The movie intro song is ‘Time Is Such A Funny Thing‘. I can’t find the version of the song that is sung here by Marjorie McCoy but this is the same song sung by someone else. The train intro scene is also the last scene in the movie.

The movie is based on a novel written by Richard Unekis called ‘The Chase‘ which was later renamed Pursuit. The story is about two NASCAR hopefuls, driver Larry Rayder and his mechanic Deke Sommers.


The field in the intro scene looks like the Blueberry field in Brown Loop which is shaped like a triangle and it points north toward the Wentworth mountains. The intersecting lines of the land look like triangles. Side note, there is a strange triangle in the Cobequid Bay which can only be viewed in Google Maps.

Also in the intro, we see a white car driving on the highway, then seconds later we see a white pick up truck speeding past another vehicle as though it may be pursuing the white car. On the morning of April 19th, RCMP and the DNR helicopter were also chasing a white Ford F-150 in the Debert area.

The first scene is at Fairview Motor Apts. It looks just like the Fairview Motel in Halifax. There is a black cat outside of the motel and it meows as Larry (played by Peter Fonda) arrives. On the night of April 18th 2020 in Portapique, a resident named J.M. (initials) heard a black cat meowing loudly as though it was in heat. This was at approximately 11:32 pm, close to when Wortman left the area.

The licence plate of the blue Chevy Impala says RTG 911.

Porsche 911 RTG 


The red truck’s licence plate is P 67 341. The sticker says “Will the last person in Seattle please turn out the lights”. It belongs to the third main character of the movie, Mary Coombs, played by Susan George. (note that the triangles you see on my t.v. aren’t for effect they are just my nanoleaf led lights reflecting).

Deke is played by Adam Roarke. Deke arrives at the motel and picks up Larry. Larry gets into the car and is now the driver. Larry refers to Deke as Ace, and says “I was wondering… What if we do the Matador instead of Chrysler, what kind of bucks?” Deke says that he thought they weren’t going to worry about bucks any more. I’m not sure what that means but Peter Fonda’s movies always have a theme relating to time, speed, and pressure.

Larry says “turned to get nervous, huh?” This is the second time the term “turn” or “turned” is used. The first time was the bumper sticker on the red pick up truck that said “will the last person in Seattle turn out the lights?” I searched the term but nothing seemingly relevant came up.

They drive through a small town scoping out a grocery store to rob. Peter Fonda’s character Larry says “the price of food has gone up, you know what I mean Deke?” The Plaza is called ‘Foster Brothers Center’. Foster Bros makes meat cleavers in real life.


Also see Jeff Samuelson who is allegedly Wortman’s long lost foster brother.


Deke arrives at the home of the store manager who’s store they are going to rob. As Deke enters the home, we hear the radio announcer say “We’ll be back to the number 18 song in the chart.” Then the announcer says “Yours truly Hurricane Huff will be Mike Syde from 9 to noon taking your requests, the school barometer predicts a sunny day with highs in the mid 80‘s.”

Throughout the movie Larry takes gum out of his mouth and sticks it in certain places.

Wortman owned an excavator just like the one in this scene. If you search Highway 289 (which is written on the truck) the search result actually shows Highway 236 and sometimes 289 in Shubenacadie NS and Noel NS near Maple Grove. I assume that it’s just a Google Maps glitch the same as the Cobequid Bay triangle.

The third main character is named Mary. Mary owns the red pick up truck and after Fonda leaves her in the motel room, she follows him to the robbery scene.

Fonda walks into the store. We see a lot of pressure valves throughout the movie, which is also a theme in Fonda’s movie Easy Rider. The Sawmill River next to Wortman’s creepy clinic, has some of these same pressure valves which control the river water. His clinic was also located on an ancient burial ground site.

Pressure control valves in the foreground with the name ‘Wells Fargo’ in the background. Wells Fargo headquarters is in San Francisco. It could possibly be referring to pressure building in the Earth and I have to wonder if it relates somehow to San Francisco or maybe even Seattle in real life.

Deke phones the payphone that Larry is standing next to and says something that maybe sounds like “all set”. Larry tells Deke that he changed his mind and” if that 8D fuel is all it’s cracked up to be how come Moody is still running a Firestone cell?” Deke seems to be impressed by that.

This is the second Peter Fonda movie with a truck in it that says ‘Valley Transport’. The first was Easy Rider where a truck says ‘Valley Distributors’ on it. The truck is numbered 266. In the grocery store scene you can see the number 3 and the words ‘Ripple’ and ‘Circus Time’.

I searched the name of the grocery store manager ‘George Stanton’ and one of the results was for a 19th Century silversmith. One of his stone monuments was named Friar Tuck. You may remember Aaron Tuck who was killed in Portapique. The name he usually went by was Friar Tuck and that was even on his Facebook previously.


George Stanton – Friar Tuck


Aaron Tuck seen here sitting on Wortman’s American Chopper.

Larry says “we got a live one here that thinks we’re a bunch of butterflies”. There are a couple of Catepillar or ‘CAT‘ tractor images which are seen hanging on the wall and these references to CAT tractors can be seen throughout all of Peter Fonda’s movies. He has a lot of property related disputes in some of his movies such as Fighting Mad, much like Wortman had throughout his life.

Larry is also wearing a Wells Fargo belt buckle. Throughout all of Fonda’s movies he uses a camera technique known at ‘depth of field’ where he places one subject in the foreground and another in the background by cleverly hiding written words or curious objects in plain sight for those who are looking for them to spot.

Larry tells the manager to be careful not to “squash the tomatoes” as he puts the cash in the bag. But there is nothing in the bag. The meaning of ‘squashing tomatoes’ (drugging someone then…) is in the link below: Wortman had a history of drugging people and having his way with them. He was said to have used a drug called ‘Devil’s Breath’ which renders a victim paralyzed but still aware.


‘Sunbeam’ is a bread company that uses Satanic (or at least use to be) marketing strategies.


A flyer from Halifax Nova Scotia

Then we see a fancy van pulling away in the reflection of the car they are driving. This isn’t related but I was at Masstown Market last March where I met the ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ vanners. They had similar vans to the one in this scene and were super cool guys.

After robbing the grocery store, they go on the run and monitor the police communications on their two way radio. Or, is it a scanner that can only listen and not transmit? Wortman in all likelihood had an actual RCMP radio according to most sources. An Ambulance call comes in on the radio (a radio which they are not supposed to have) for a car accident. Debert and Onslow Firefighters were paged out April 19 at around 10 a.m. for a car accident in Debert which turned out to not be a car accident but was instead the scene on Plains Road where Wortman killed two nurses.

They mention Sam Baker. He is an American folk singer who was killed in a train bombing in Peru.


The three suspects hear the police dispatcher call out a bulletin to be on the lookout for them. Deke says, “you had to pick up a flag didn’t ya”. Larry says, “you know what a smart man would do in this situation?” Deke says “no what should they do?” then Larry says “I don’t know I was hoping you would know”.

Back at the grocery store, one of the cops on scene tells the other cop to get a teletype (or BOLO) out on the getaway car. He says Captain Franklin is gonna “shit” when he hears it’s a blue 1968 Chevy they are looking for.

Captain Franklin gets a description of the get away car and says “how am I suppose to find that car” referring to how common of a car it is. “I could find 50 of them cars by the time I pick my nose”.

The police say they didn’t get the 911 call right away because the robbers used a fake voice recording to make the grocery store employees think they were still on the phone.

The officer tells Captain Franklin that the locals figure the getaway car is souped up. Franklin says “that’s the driver not the car”. It seems throughout the movie that Captain Franklin has a special relationship with the suspects. He seems to be assisting the suspects by taking down all of the roadblocks and using only spotters while pressuring them from behind. Maybe Captain Franklin is trying to push the suspects into a area away from the rest of the police where he alone can deal with them.

In the scene just before they go head to head with the 18 wheelers you can see the reflection of headlights drive at them.

They go head to head with two 18-wheelers driving in between them. The windshield of the car cracks but it doesn’t look like the car hit the trucks. Deke says “you lost an 80 dollar windshield. Then Deke says “you got the $80? Larry says he has it twice times. Deke then says great let’s get 6 of em.

The police block off every road leading to the freeway. Captain Franklin says to break off all those roadblocks and put Rangers in lookout towers, then to call in all off duty cops.

Captain Franklin says to start a sweep search. The officer questions him. Captain Franklin says he ain’t waiting around for them to find a roadblock.

The roadblocks are called off and the 3 suspects hear the police communications on their radio.

Larry says they “got off to a bad start but says that doesn’t mean a God damn thing”.

The Rangers watch for the 3 suspects as now there are no roadblocks.

The Ranger watches from a distance. The green truck on the right appears to be the same truck from the beginning of the movie that says ‘Parrish’ on it. Parrish is an old film about a tobacco farm.


Captain Franklin’s boss yells at him for playing around with a sweep instead of using roadblocks.

Captain Franklin’s boss says that now they won’t be able to get the funding they need from the Appropriations Committee because he took down the roadblocks.

Captain Franklin says he doesn’t carry a gun or a badge and says the way he cuts his hair has nothing to do with how he does his job.

Captain Franklin says he took down the roadblocks for his own personal reasons.

The Ranger watches from a distance as the 3 suspects avoid the police.

Mary threatens to leave and go to the police. Larry asks if she is going to go tell the boys down at Ralston Purina. Ralston Purina Company is an animal food company in St Louis.


Deke is mechanically inclined and repairs the getaway vehicle after they crash.

Captain Franklin is told that the police helicopter is not available because the Governor is using it. Franklin“what’s he doing with my damn helicopter?”

An officer tells Captain Franklin that they have reports of the suspect and that they should stop him before he escapes using the known route Franklin referred to once before. Franklin tells him not to talk about that route when referring to the suspects.

Captain Franklin then orders the 6 police units at the station to dispatch to MacCullogh Road. There is a road in Pictou Nova Scotia with the same name.

Captain Franklin then tells the officers over the radio to dispatch to Taylor Road. There is a Taylor Road in Earltown Nova Scotia.

Captain Franklin orders his officer to contact the Department Of Fish And Wildlife so they can use their helicopter. The RCMP’s helicopter was also down for maintenance April 18th and 19th so they called the Department of Lands and Forests to use their helicopter.

Larry tells Mary that nothing ever makes her happy. She is always complaining.

While arguing with Mary, Larry randomly holds his right hand in the air displaying 5 fingers and a brown glove.

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