Dirty Mary Crazy Larry – chapter two

Mary leaves but then Larry begs her to stay and says he busted his crank for 5 years in order to get enough money to build some real speed. He says he finally had to steal it. This was also a theme in Peter Fonda’s moving Racing With the Devil where he referred to working hard for 5 years to build up some real speed. Time and speed are always a theme in Fonda’s movies.

The Sheriff sends a message to the suspects that he admires anyone who gets anything they want provided it’s legal. He says that poor son of a bitch better start thinking because this is his territory and he is gonna get em.

After fixing the mechanical problems with the car the suspects are mobile again. The helicopter is still not available.

Once on the road, Larry and Deke attempt to dump Mary at ‘Ogilvie’s Grocery’ store, only to discover that the canny girl has hung onto their map. The store is Farmington General Store, 25520 East Hwy 4, in Farmington, about 15 miles east of Stockton California.

Oglivie is a place in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley.


Oglivie is also a medical condition.


Larry tells Mary to go get something for Deke’s injured hand. On the morning of April 19, there was someone being treated for a gunshot wound to the hand.

There is a Deegan’s Funeral home in California as well as a Deegan’s Denture Clinic in Ontario.


Behind the Mary is a sign that says ‘We Are 4-H & FFA Boosters’. Both terms when searched come up to religious groups with farm animals.

https://www.nwffaboosters.com/history http://cesanbernardino.ucanr.edu/4-H_Program/Club_Information/Bloomington_Boosters_4-H_Club/

Olympia is an ancient place in Greece. There is a lot of Greek symbology in Peter Fonda movies.


Alder Shine is an accounting firm in London. There is a big red wagon in one scene, similar to a red wagon in Brown Loop.


After dropping off Mary they discuss how she is likely going to talk to the cops. Plus she has the map so they have to go back to pick her up.

The number 76 comes up a lot in the movie Easy Rider as well. Hunter Road is where the two prison guards were killed, which is on the Wallace River. The number 76 is in the backgroundhttps://grandlodgens.org/lodges/wallace-no-76/ of the below scene.

Wallace No. 76 – Wallace

After picking up Mary they hit the road again and now two police officers are behind them in pursuit. Captain Franklin tells dispatch to send 2 police cars to intercept the suspects.

The two cops pursuing the suspects have car issues when the hood of their car mysteriously opens and blinds them, causing them to crash.

Captain Franklin tells his officers to go get the ‘Interceptor‘.

The officer and the dispatcher look at each other as though to roll their eyes at the Captain Franklin’s decisions. Franklin says he is going to meet the helicopter at Beacons Corner.

Captain Franklin leaves the Command Post after telling dispatch to get the helicopter and meet him at Beacons Corner.

Larry says to Deke: “I thought you said that helicopter was going to be in use“. So Deke had inside information about the helicopter.

It says Cable Xing on the bridge which is the type of bridge. For the heck of it I searched Cable Xing Nova Scotia and found a submarine company from Ketch Harbour that is on the water. The Keeper raises the draw bridge as the sail boat passes with its triangular mast.


There is a random chain wrapped around the guardrail of the bridge.

Captain Franklin’s boss gets mad when he finds out the Captain is gone to meet the helicopter. He tells him that he is taking this pursuit a little too personal. Franklin says to his superior “you don’t want me to catch him, you never did. Truth is you’d be better off with they got away. It would give you the excuse you are looking for to get all your shiney new cars“.

The Department Of Wildlife And Game helicopter meets up with Captain Franklin and they continue to pursue. The DNR helicopter picked up an ERT member and one other person in Debert on April 19.

Captain Franklin tells the pilot that it’s good he follows orders because he gives a lot of them.

The suspects pull over to switch cars and swap the radio and cash to the new car. Mary runs into some bikers that she knows.

Maru is a place in Qatar as well as a famous name of a Scottish cat on Youtube.


The word “Maru” is written on the wall.

Maru is a famous Japanese cat

A man keeps coughing and wiping his mouth in the background. Then Mary looks at a pair of brown boots in the foreground. I did an article about the many boot stories in Nova Scotia. The constant wiping of his mouth and the coughing make me think of Covid 19.

When I first went to Portapique on April 26 2020, I ran into Tom Taggart. As he spoke there was a bit of spit coming from his mouth, then apologized for not wearing a mask. Tom also explained all of the bees hovering around the memorials saying that bees are a sign of life.

Tom Taggart seen here speaking with an RCMP officer.

Boots on the Ground; how diving into one Portapique rabbit hole led to 13 more

Mary finds a wind chime at the market then the germ guy who is constantly wiping his mouth grabs it from her. He then hands the merchant cash which he is holding in his germ infested hands. Mary quickly steals the wind chime back. Then Larry somehow signals the germ guy with the wind chime then they take off.

Dispatch advises that the suspect switched cars and officers are now interviewing witnesses. Captain Franklin says he doesn’t want to hear about any witnesses.

The vehicles crash, then there is a school bus with the number 13 on it. The writing on the bus says “stop when red lights flash”. Bus normally say “stop when red lights are flashing”.

One car crashes through a billboard. Wortman had a huge Hematoma on his head after he collided with Cst Stevenson in Shubie. He was likely not wearing seat belt and or Cst Stevenson may or may not have been wearing a seat belt.

At the 57:58 mark of the film the car has just crashed through the billboard. The two officers are dazed and confused and then a random voice speaks a word I can’t quite make out. Gadar? I wonder who the voice is.

In the next scene, Larry calls Mary stupid, then asks her what she’s going to do with her seat belt

Captain Franklin tells the police pursuing the suspects to back off and switch to a partial pursuit. Car 13 is now out of commission.

Larry asks where a good place is to kill some time. Mary asks how that’s gonna solve anything. Deke and Larry both laugh at Mary.

Throughout the movie the cops are holding their overhead light bars. I’m not sure what this signifies.

Larry says “what do you know Deke, a landing spot.” They stop at a bar.

They go to a bar and Mary orders a shot of Grenadine which is a reddish syrup found in cocktails.


Making Grenadine

Larry teases Deke then Deke gets mad. Larry says “oh come on Deke that ain’t no excuse to go on a binge you know”. Deke responds “Since when have I ever needed an excuse?”

Larry says that they need to get gas as the second car is on empty.

Captain Franklin says he thinks that the suspects have them “wired” and are listening to their radio communications. He says over the radio “I know you got us monitored”. He tells them over the radio that whoever outfitted his car with that radio must have did their homework. Wortman had an RCMP radio with encryption keys.

Captain Franklin is trying to figure out whether the suspects have a scanner or an actual police radio that they can communicate on. The suspects don’t speak up because they don’t want to alert him that they have an actual police radio.

The cops spot them getting fuel and as they speed away from the pumps the gauge on the pump says 76.

The number 76 on the gas pump.

Captain Franklin orders all roadblocks be cleared and police go back to sweeping the area. The suspects drive straight through the intersection where the roadblock previously was.

The suspects get Mary to call into dispatch on the radio as they have a real police radio. They tell the dispatcher that the suspects have been apprehended so they can take down all the roadblocks.

Larry and Mary keep referring to the officer pursuing as someone who is “knocking on the door”. Larry says “I hope he is a good sailor” then the car crashes into a river backwards. Larry seems to have some kind of way to manipulate time.

Captain Franklin tells dispatch to call in more police officers to assist. His superior says there is no point in doing that since the suspects have a real police radio.

A red pickup truck runs a stop sign and collides with the getaway car. They take the car off the road to fix it. Mary goes on a random rant about how Larry saying “wait a minute, fix up the front end? People can’t even read a glance with you.Captain Franklin tries to make a deal with Mary in order to get her to cooperate.

Larry pushes Mary to the ground then Deke gets in his face warning him not to do that again. Larry says to Deke “what’s the matter, so use to not being able to get up on your own that you don’t think anyone else can? I’m not sure what Larry is referring to.

An officer stops at the accident scene and asks if a Dodge Charger did this. The witness says all he saw was a yellow flash. Then the officer speeds off but the witness yells at him as though he needed to tell him more.

Mary begins to suggest to Deke that Deke should split his share of the cash with her. “You and I we could…”.

Mary says “take me with you” to Deke. Deke tells Mary that he knows her but Deke has not met her before today.

Larry says to Deke “it’s beginning to drift down that you don’t think I’m gonna make it”. Larry and Deke seem to be evil entities.

Captain Franklin tells the pilot to stop the suspects at any cost. He yells at the pilot telling him he doesn’t know how to operate the helicopter or he wouldn’t be asking these questions. The get away car has just jumped a bridge and the Captain Franklin is communicating with the driver.

The police officer crashes his cruiser into a utility pole. It’s a power pole with live wires but for some reason it does not electrocute him when he gets out of the vehicle and touches the wire.

Captain Franklin tells his cops to shut up and follow his orders.

After the Lands and Forestry helicopter lands in a farmer’s field. Captain Franklin radios his officers to tell them to go to a certain spot and gives them co-ordinates. Franklin’s boss says that no one is near that spot so he asks why Franklin would be telling officers to go there. On April 19th the DNR helicopter landed in a farmer’s field in Milford.

Deke says that they don’t have the right kind of road conditions for this type of driving. It is s sunny day with blue skies, conditions don’t get much better.

Back at headquarters, one of the officers tells the chief that Captain Franklin is trying to make the suspects out-drive themselves.

Larry tells Deke that he is busting’ out. Deke asks what he is busting out of because so far they haven’t actually seen any of “these units.”

Mary says that she is ready to unload.

The suspects celebrate the fact that the cops can’t catch them, then they get obliterated by a train. The End.

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