Just like in contact sports, SHOULDER CHECKS ARE EVERYTHING!

“Why do I have to shoulder check?” I’m so glad you asked. There are well over 1 million reasons to shoulder check but we will just look at a few. We have to do shoulder checks for lane changes, highway merging, rolling turns, and stopped turns, and even highway off ramps. It’s pretty much the only cause of accidents on 2 lane divided highways.

Purcells Cove Road propane truck crash kills 49-year-old cyclist

Cyclists really appreciate it when drivers checked their right shoulder before making a turn. Remember that cyclists ride as fast as cars sometimes so you could have one in your passenger side blind spot as you slow down to turn right. Checking your shoulder saves them and you a whole lot of drama. One of my students is a cyclist. He told me on his first lesson that he didn’t understand the point of shoulder checks. Then, he was nearly run over by a driver not checking their right shoulder and on the very next lesson he says, “I understand shoulder checks now”.

Make shoulder checking a habit.

Cyclist Post

“I want to pass a good experience this evening. I was on almond street heading home 🏡 from the Chain of lake trail. It was around 4pm. A black truck pick up with a gentleman was driving . He was behind me I was trying to ride pretty fast not to hold him up. We got to shopper’s I was going straight he was turning. He never tried to pass me a few did close but not him. When we were both at the light I said thanks so much for staying back and not trying to pass in tight spots. He said my safety was more important than that . My heart ❤ warmed when he said that I thank him. 😊 what a great guy.”

Collision Compilation 

Nearly every collision in this video is due to drivers not shoulder checking. We watch lots of these videos in class so that we can learn from other people’s mistakes.

If you aren’t sure why shoulder checks are important, then you should go to YouTube right now and look at motorcycle riders and or cyclists. They both shoulder check religiously so they always know what hazards are around them. Motorcyclists and cyclists spend most of their time on the road avoiding drivers who don’t shoulder check and their heads are constantly moving; “Head on a swivel” as they say.

Motorcyclists know better than anyone, how important it is to shoulder check

Crosshatch Shoulder Check

This will happen to you, I promise.

Why It’s Important To Shoulder Check Blindspot Check

Would you come out of the corner with the puck without checking over your shoulder?No, because you would get smoked by another player!

NHL Hardest Hits Part 1

The one thing new drivers fear most is shoulder checks, because they involve turning your head while holding the wheel in its current position while moving forward, which is not natural for your brain. The more comfortable you become with shoulder checks, the more you will spot hidden hazards around you. This will make your driving experience much safer, making your drive more enjoyable.


Make sure to only turn your head, not your whole body, and avoid cutting the steering wheel sharply. Gradual is the name of the game at high speeds such as on the highway.

360 Camera – Shoulder Checks

How To Change Lanes And Shoulder Check

How to merge onto the highway like a boss!

You need a chill playlist. I recommend a ‘Superchill playlist’ like this one.

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