Driving is like the movie Final Destination

Driving can be a lot like the movie ‘Final Destination’ at times, in the sense that something is always plotting to get you, so you have to always be on your toes. Thinking ahead in traffic will save your life in some cases, but in all cases, it will save you a whole lot of trouble.

A Little Too Much Acceleration In The Turn

We were like 2 inches away from landing in the ditch.

It could be a shoe or even a bottle of water getting stuck under your brake pedal and keeping you from stopping. Or how about your mobile device lighting up the cab of your vehicle at night nearly blinding you when you get a notification on your cell phone.


Red Light Runners In Halifax

These are just a couple of examples of how even the most experienced drivers will sometimes not see hazards coming. A proactive driver is always thinking of these and other hazards that could present themselves, all while trying to come up with a plan of action if one does.

Queensland Beach.

Lights-Out Intersections – Be super paranoid in these situations as the intersection becomes a 4-way stop. Many motorists will not stop.

Speed Control: How to avoid the cops AND the Karen Facebook page while driving through a residential

That vehicle waiting to turn onto the roadway up ahead of you could possibly make a bad decision and pull out in front of you. As a proactive driver, you will have already anticipated this and made any adjustments needed such as, reducing your speed, making eye contact with the driver, watching the wheels of that car waiting to pull out to see if they are creeping out. Your adjustments save you and the other driver a whole lot of trouble.

A Day At The Track – 2019

Take all of the hazards you see seriously, but also make scanning for these hazards a bit of a game that keeps your mind engaged in the current traffic scene. By making scanning for hazards into a game for your mind, you will be far more likely to do it regularly because everyone loves playing games and having fun, and there’s no reason that driving safe can’t also be fun.

Running Commentary; read my mind in real time

Turns and Intersections

Red Light Runner on the Bedford Highway at Southgate Drive

A Complete Introduction to Defensive Driving For Beginners – Part 1

A Complete Introduction to Defensive Driving For Beginners – Part 2


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