Disturbing The Ghosts – Part 8; Castles and creeks

Castle Frederick – Falmouth NS; a great place to explore

True Metallic Explorations Inc

“The claims are dissected by a variety of paved and well built farming roads that can be accessed via Town Road, Gabriel Road and Falmouth Dyke road“.

Witchcraft: The Truth Behind The World’s Fastest Growing Religion (Pagan Documentary) | Timeline

True Metallic Explorations

Trailhead: Located beside the parking lot.
590 Castle Frederick Rd
Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0



Castle Frederick and Falmouth Photos

Triangles and Trees; Castle Frederick Nova Scotia

Castle Frederick, Windsor NS

Lose yourself in Wolfville

Wolfville may well be the best place in the world to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The Naked Crepe

It’s most famous for it’s seemingly endless amounts of wine vineyards that stretch from the Gaspereau Valley to the cliffs at Blomidon Park, but there is so much more to this town than bottles of grapes and scenic vistas.

Gaspereau Valley

How to get there

If travelling west on Highway 101, take exit 10 to Grand Pre. Then take a right turn to exit the off-ramp and continue west on Highway 1. There are plenty of vineyards along this Highway which is commonly referred to as the Glooscap Trail.

A farm on the Glooscap Trail

Grand Pre National Historic Site

Before arriving in Wolfville you will notice signs for the Grand Pre National Historic Site. This is an attraction that many people drive passed without ever appreciating its significance and beauty. If green grass, beautiful gardens, and historic displays interest you, or if you just need a spot to go for a quick walk after the commute to the valley, this park is ideal. There is plenty of parking and there are clean public washrooms, making it also a great spot for a pit stop.

Grand Pre National Historic Site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Grand Pre National Historic Site park is also located in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It features many displays such as an old Blacksmith shop and a historic Acadian church to name a few. After a visit to Grand Pre, one becomes grounded in the history of the area making the experience that much better. Here is a link to more information on the Grand Pre Historic Site, as well as some more photos.


The Town of Wolfville

Arriving in the town of Wolfville, you will find that the sidewalks are busy with people going about their daily lives as well as visitors to the area. Traffic is usually congested but not stressful at all. Pro tip: take a right turn at the first stop sign in the town and drive one block over to the next street which is called Front Street. There is plenty of parking here and no traffic.

Waterfront Park

Now that you’re in town and on Front Street, you might as well check out Waterfront Park. This is another area park that sits on the shores of the Bay Of Fundy with plenty of green grass and places to sit and relax. There are some historic monuments and displays here as well. More info in the link below.


Food – The Naked Crepe

There are lots of great place to eat in Wolfville, the most popular (arguably) being ‘The Naked Crepe’. The food here is top notch, like on a different level than what some may be use to and the atmosphere is friendly and colourful.

Sights and sounds

Clock Park is a timeless place and one of its best features is the passing traffic on Glooscap Trail. It is almost as though there is a car show happening but there are just that many folks out with their ‘weekend’ vehicles. The town always busy in a laid back kind of way, especially so on weekends.

Gaspereau Valley

Gaspereau Valley will take your breath away so be prepared for that. Also, the cell phone reception in this area is virtually non-existent and when Google Maps decides to work, it will take you down the wrong roads in many cases. It has been this way for years, so just a heads up that you may want to plot your trip on the map before entering the valley.

The Drive

The drive on Highway 101 is fairly scenic. For instance, when you’re driving back to Halifax you will see the Martock mountains in the distance at exit 7 for Falmouth. There is some construction as the highway is currently being twinned and you may notice a peaceful gathering at the Avon River Causeway by the ‘Friends of Avon River’.

Highway 101

Worth the trip

Conclusion; Wolfville is worth telling your friends about and this post has barely even scratched the surface of the many world class attractions it has. More info in the link below from Nova Scotia Tourism.


Wolfville Nova Scotia

Spider Lake Nova Scotia – A tangled web of trails

Spider Lake Trail is the most fitting name for this series of tangled and intertwined paths. A very easy area to get lost in, but that’s also what makes it so unique. 

Spider Lake is of course best known as a popular mountain bike trail and one can expect to encounter mountain bikers and other hikers here. The trail is easily walkable and not too muddy.

Starting from the end of Spider Lake Road, the trail appears ordinary but quickly transitions into a shaded meadow pathway, surrounded on both sides by enchanted forests and moss-covered granite boulders. The light from the sun illuminates the path ahead.

The area also borders on the Lake Major Water Shed which is protected from motorized vehicles. It’s like a land from another time which never seems to age. 

There are a number of very creepy spots in here where you’ll find bed railings and umbrellas carefully arranged around torture racks.

Spider Lake Trail Info


Spider Lake in Dartmouth NS

An In-Depth Blog on Missing Person Marty Leger – September 11 2020


A memorial for Marty Leger on the Spider Lake Trail.

Hurricane Mountain Bike Trail, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Disturbing The Ghosts – Part 1; Strongman Areas

Sandy Cole Brook – Enfield

Sandy Cole Brook is a 50 foot waterfall (HRM’S largest) located in Oldham Nova Scotia near the Halifax Airport. The easiest way to explain how to find it is, drive to the Oldham Playground and park there. Walk into the woods where you will see a 10 foot waterfall, then continue on the main path until you hear the falls.

On Oldham Road near the airport. Park at the playground.


From Halifax, drive north on highway 102 then turn off at exit 7. Turn right and then turn right on Oldham Road just past the Irving Big Stop. Drive for 1-2 minutes and park at the Oldham Playground. You have arrived. This will help too 44°54’45.75″N, 63°30’33.91″W


Oldham Road behind the playground.

From Trailpeak

“I was looking at some old geological maps of the area around the airport when I saw some small words that made my heart skip a beat or two; waterfall 10 and waterfall 50…..I had never heard of those falls and a quick look in panorama or google earth didn’t reveal the mystery either.”


The upstream portion of the brook.

Animal Fur

Fur is often seen in areas where people go missing mysteriously. But, it is the woods, and animals do have fur.

Some kind of animal had shed its fur. I didn’t stick around to find out what kind of animal.

The Marsh On The East Side Of The Brook

“Keep in tact for I will be back, the owner.”

The area has many deep abandoned mine shafts

Strange places – Oldham Nova Scotia

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