Chains and Gates; what went wrong at Bear Lodge April 18th 2020?

One of the possible scenarios for the tragic events of April 18 2020 is Wortman started his shooting just before 10:00 pm after setting his Bear Lodge on fire (Aka the warehouse).

Black Bear Lodge; these gates swung both ways. That stone saw everything.

By now his cottage at 200 Portapique Beach Road (which was later purchased by the Nova Scotia government) is fully engulfed. The smoke spreads across the river and into the night sky as the orange flames shine down brightly over the Portapique.

A photo taken from Five Houses showing Portapique on the night of April 18 2020.


“The excavator used in the RCMP’s ongoing shooting investigation has left Portapique.”

Paul Palango is a Nova Scotian

After setting his Bear Lodge on fire at 136 OBD (Orchard Beach Drive) he begins to leave the area driving north. It’s possible that he encounters Corrie Ellison at the foot of his driveway near the granite boulders as he’s leaving and kills him. Responding RCMP officers were also on Orchard Beach Drive at this time with their flashlights.

Then it’s possible Wortman goes to Graig and Jamie Blair’s house. It’s still not 10:00 pm yet. He shoots Graig Blair multiple times which would seem to indicate some kind of emotion. Now it’s 10:01 pm and Jamie Blair calls 911. Jamie reports that her husband Graig, has been shot and her neighbour is ****ed up. 

Wortman quickly kills Jamie and then fires toward the kids who are hiding behind a door, but misses them. He allegedly says “she should have died the first time“. I’m not sure what he meant by that but maybe he tried to kill her before or maybe it didn’t mean anything. He tries to light the bbq buns on fire on the stove. I can only think that he was using them as a burn fuse to ignite the propane range and give him time to get out of the house. The kids escape to Lisa McCully’s house next door which is a miracle as Wortman had still been circling the immediate area. 

At 10:16 pm the kids are in Lisa’s basement. It is also possible that this is when Wortman or someone else (you decide who), kills Corrie Ellison near the chained gates at the foot of the Bear Lodge at 136 OBD (the warehouse). He then drives north to 71 OBDFrank and Dawn Gulenchyn’s house, which has the many birch trees out front, then he quickly kills them and sets their house on fire.

71 Orchard Beach Drive.

Wortman then sits in his cruiser at 71 OBD as the flames burn brightly in his rear view mirror. Some have said that he was looking directly across the street to 34 OBD, the property that has a carriage wheel at the foot of the driveway hoping the neighbour would come out to see the bright flames so he could then kill them. The neighbour at 34 OBD somehow knew not to fall for it, almost as thought they had some kind of critical information or warning that no one else in Portapique seemed to have.

34 Orchard Beach Drive.

Then Andrew MacDonald encounters Wortman near 34 OBD. Wortman “paints” Andrew with the laser sight on his firearm. Andrew ducks but gets shot at 10:26 pm near the intersection of OBD and PBR and survives. He is on the phone with 911 at this time confirming it’s Gabriel Wortman and that Wortman is completely outfitted like an RCMP officer. 

The top of Orchard Beach Drive.

Now the story is at a virtual and literal intersection as it transitions to a ‘choose your own adventure’.

It’s 10:26 pm and Wortman has done his dirt on the north side of Portapique. It is possible that he turns right or north and drives past the first responding RCMP members at PBR and Highway 2, who’s Corporal allegedly orders them not to engage him. He could have also turned left and driven south on PBR passing his burning cottage.

Palango’s Portapique Map

But what about the Zahls, Tucks, and Bonds? Wortman either turns back into Brown Loop from Highway 2 and goes to the south side of Portapique (which we know he did not) OR he turned left from Orchard Beach Drive and continued south on Portapique Beach Road to Faris Lane where the brightly lit Portapique lighthouse previously stood.

The scenes were hard to find, and the corporate news media were busy helping the RCMP push the domestic violence narrative, thus assisting with the cover-up. I found this very frustrating. On my first trip to Colchester County on April 25, I wasn’t able to enter Portapique as the RCMP were still blocking the road. I met an old white guy named Tom Taggart who was busy managing the area and doing public relations. He apologized to me for not wearing a mask as he was spitting while talking. I noted to him that there were an awful lot of bees buzzing around the memorials at the head of Portapique Beach Road. He told me that bees are a sign of life. How ironic. I drove north to Wentworth trying to locate the Hunter Road scenes but ended up lost on the opposite side of highway 4. 

Bees Buzzing Around The Portapique Memorials – April 25 2020


“In 1882, a light was established on the western head at the entrance to Portapique River in the form of a lantern on a mast.”

Looking toward the Cobequid Bay from Portapique Beach Road by the cottage.

Does Wortman drive straight to Debert from Portapique? Maybe he stops over in Five Houses to check on the flashlights and lanterns, or to see what’s on the go at the stone quarry.

Bay Shore Road parallel to the coast.

Portapique Mountain and Five Houses

If we ball park the nearly impossible timeline we could say Wortman does his dirt to the Zahls around 10:35 pm at 293 PBR, then the Bonds at 10:45 pm then the Tucks at 10:55 pm? Then he could have left through Brown Loop/Clark Road, passing the old Montrose boathouse as he slipped passed the bright red and blue lights of the RCMP.

The speed at which he did his dirt in Portapique does show that he was fast and thorough. Plus we know from the publicly broadcast RCMP radio files that he was making head shots, even at this fast of a pace. It seems Gabriel Wortman was highly trained but I also wonder; did he have a ’Strongman’ in him?


If he acted alone, one would assume that he left Portapique later, like at around 11:15 pm to 11:30 pm. We have to also consider the thoroughness of how all of these properties were destroyed. Where did all of the round stones and mortar go?

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