Orange Skies and RCMP lies; Portapique catches fire

The April 18 Fires

It was zero degrees outside on a dark, windy April night on the shores of the Cobequid Bay. There wasn’t a whole lot happening in Shady Nook. Across the Portapique River, the were fires were raging, on Portapique Beach Road while a demon in the form of Gabriel Wortman was on the loose and murdering other Portapique residents. One question that has never been honestly answered is, how did all of this start. The RCMP had claimed that Gabriel and Lisa were on a FaceTime call with a couple from Maine, when an argument started. According to the FBI agent who investigated this story, no FaceTime call had ever occurred.

ERT Guy and Mr. Blue; The dm’s

What was happening on Portapique Beach Road the night of April 18?

The Canadian Forces helping the RCMP redact the properties.

It’s hard to say exactly what was going on that night on PBR but there is one thing that cannot be denied; the RCMP did not want anyone, including their own general duty police officers anywhere near the south side of Portapique (especially Faris Lane) and for some reason they chose to wait for ERT members who were hours away to handle the rapidly unfolding situation. Most of the ERT members were from New Brunswick but some were from Nova Scotia.

Gabriel Wortman stands next to a Canadian Forces helicopter with the right collar of his shirt moved to the side and wearing an orange vest with a toothy smile.

One has to assume that with all of the efforts RCMP went through to keep Wortman on the down low (including letting him drive across the province murdering innocent people without stopping him or warning citizens) that Wortman at the very least had a few pals in the RCMP-Federal Government and other police forces.

Paul Palango is a Nova Scotian

Allegedly this crate was found behind the cottage.

The Portapique Portal – Part 1; A cold dark night

This post is a comprehensive timeline of everything I can find from radio comms, tweets, Frank Mag, and Paul Palango articles.

Judging from the photos taken by eye witnesses that survived, one could infer that the cottage was set ablaze first before he moved on to either the warehouse (Lodge) at 136 OBD, or he may have gone to 293 PBR just south of his cottage to set that residence on fire next. Whatever the case may be, there is no way he did all of this damage on his own and then magically drove past the RCMP to continue his killing for another 13 hours. Unless he was actually an agent for the RCMP or even CSIS, then he wouldn’t have the type of skills to destroy so efficiently and thoroughly leaving no evidence behind.

Portapique April 18 2020.

Driving on Portapique Beach Road and Orchard Beach Drive

RCMP radio communications April 18 2020 in Portapique Nova Scotia

This is the trippiest video I have ever edited. I did not intend for this, but when the RCMP ERT officers leave Five Houses and head to Portapique to rescue Clinton Ellison, the position of my vehicle is precisely the position of the ERT TAV (Tactical Armoured Vehicle). As you here them call out the various street names you are seeing exactly what they were seeing but without all the darkness.

What about Five Houses and Bayshore Road?

This is the other side of the Portapique River known as Five Houses, opposite to where the massacres occurred (also where Shady Nook is located). This is the area where the majority of general duty RCMP officers and even N.S. ERT officers were sent to investigate the source of the mysterious flashlights. They were reported by a doctor who lives on the west side of Five Houses. This is a strange place. It looks like something out of a smurf movie with all of the weirdly shape structures.

Portapique Mountain and Five Houses

Driving All Of Portapique

One has to assume that with all of the efforts RCMP went through to keep Wortman on the down low (including letting him drive across the province murdering innocent people without stopping him or warning citizens) that Wortman at the very least had a few pals in the RCMP-Federal Government and other police forces.

Allegedly this crate was found behind the cottage.

Driving from Portapique Nova Scotia to Wentworth

He had an exact ‘replica’ of an RCMP cruiser, right down to the speed radar in the rear hatch. Why would a psychopath on a rampage need a speed measuring device? I believe it was a real RCMP car and I don’t think the ex-con installed the decals. I mean, think about it, why haven’t the RCMP charged that guy with accessory to a mass murder? More importantly, how did Wortman get encryption keys for the RCMP’s highly secure radio network?

Paul Palango’s handy map of Portapique.

Either Peter Griffon never installed the decals or the RCMP don’t want to charge him or anyone else around this incident because when they do, it means court files will be generated that shine a light on the truth of what really happened in Portapique the night of April 18 starting at around 9:00 p.m. If they do charge anyone, it is highly unlikely they will follow through with prosecuting them.

Gabriel Wortman’s RCMP cruiser.

Something else to note about this massacre is that the RCMP officer tweeting throughout the two day massacre (that didn’t bother to warn people that Wortman was on the loose in a cop car) was promoted shortly after the massacre took place. According to some, the person tweeting the event was subbing for a senior officer who could not be reached and had her phone switched off.

Dustine Rodier seen here at a Nova Scotia Mental Health Association event.

If you read Paul Palango’s articles in Frank Magazine, he confirms that Dustine Rodier was the officer who was tweeting. Paul also lays out in detail, the triad clique of B.C. RCMP officers and married couples that run the Nova Scotia RCMP and why that is a bit of a problem. 


“Inspector Dustine Rodier was the officer in charge of ‘H’ Division Operational Support and Operational Communications Centre on April 18/19, 2020. She came to Halifax from Vancouver, via Hampton, New Brunswick, where she spent a few years, eventually running the detachment there. She used to fill in as a media spokesperson.Her husband, Pascal, tagged along with her. He has a solid reputation as an expert in emergency management and has more letters after his name than a British Royal (MStJ, MA, CEM, SAS…). In Nova Scotia, he landed a new job as an emergency preparedness and planning manager at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. Being married to Pascal for many years and being a Mountie, Dustine Rodier, therefore, has lived most of her adult life immersed in disaster management. And yet, shortly after 8 a.m. that Sunday morning when it was known that Wortman was armed to the teeth and roving somewhere in the province, the Emergency Management Office was discussing the possibility of issuing an alert. The problem was that it could not break through the RCMP’s wall of silence, as reported by the CBC’s Elizabeth McMillan.”



Portapique was and is an ideal location for importing illegal goods into Canada from Maine

200 Portapique Beach Road

Wortman had a clear line of sight from the back of his cottage property to the ex-con’s property at 4 Faris Lane, which is also the site of a former historical lighthouse. Both of their properties were situated on the shore of the encricling Portapique River which flows into the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine.

Privacy was almost a guarantee for him in Portapique. Or so he thought. He could walk amongst the dead in his treasured cemetery, or he could play on the noble rocks of the shoreline. 

200 Portapique Beach Road – the cottage

In theory, Wortman and his pal could have used the Zodiac search and rescue boat that Wortman bought from the federal government to traffic in drugs and or other illegal items into Canada through the Gulf Of Maine and into Cobequid Bay. With Portapique being a private community, what better set up could a certified psychopath and drug trafficker ask for.

A perfect vantage point to monitor the Cobequid Bay

June 19 2020 – The Nova Scotia Rampage route driven by Gabriel Wortman

The Peter Fonda Movies

Paul Palango on the Nova Scotia RCMP and Portapique

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