Debert; the one that got away

Telling the story of what happened in Nova Scotia on April 18-19 2020 is a monumental task but not impossible. As Nova Scotians and Canadians mourned the tragedy in April, my gut told me to “just go” to Colchester County and start recording as much as possible. Anything would be better than nothing and I needed to know how so many innocent people could be executed randomly by a gunman, while the RCMP stood by and tried to hide this from the general public, allowing innocent citizens to be slaughtered. I started recording the different areas and roads trying to speculate what route Wortman would have taken. It wasn’t about being right it was about keeping people’s attention on the story because there weren’t any corporate news outlets interested in telling the story unless they could somehow tie it to social justice and virtue.

ERT Guy and Mr. Blue; The dm’s

A few months later Paul Palango came along. This was the moment for me when I realized there was actually a chance at illuminating this story for the world to see. Paul had the experience and fortitude this story required, and in a sense he was a beacon of light to an otherwise dark mystery. He was, and is, like Floyd Mayweather in the ring when it comes to the RCMP. The RCMP try to knock him out in one punch, or you might say with one news story. But, Paul (like Floyd) stands in the pocket gracefully avoiding their punches with ease, then he counter strikes with cold hard evidence. The RCMP and federal government of Canada were clearly not expecting this.

A memorial for the 22 victims that were killed. There is a memorial here for ‘Baby Beaton’ as well. Kristen Beaton was pregnant at the time of her death.

The RCMP were and are very dis-honest. They would conflate some of the crime scenes and evidence by combining multiple photos together in order to hide certain facts in plain sight and the corporate media were more than happy to obey. Paul’s eagle eye would see these tricks coming from a mile away. Paul has proven through video and photographic evidence, that everything the RCMP told Nova Scotians about what happened during the two massacres were complete lies. All of the surveillance images released by the RCMP were extremely edited, redacted, and or modified to support the RCMP and federal governments lies.

Paul Palango is a Nova Scotian

April 18th 2020 – 11:09 pm – Wortman is allegedly seen passing Dave’s Service Center.

The RCMP claim that Wortman left Portapique and drove directly to Debert to hide behind a welding shop. In the below photo we can see a white Ford Taurus driving south on Plains Road as it passes Dave’s Service Center. Wortman could have traveled through Glenholme or Masstown and many more routes as well. Why would a “crazed madman” obliterate an entire community with bullets and fire, then park behind a welding shop in the middle of no where to spend the night? I would think the cover of darkness would offer even more of a tactical advantage, allowing him to surprise his victims.

April 18th 2020 – 23:09 – Dave’s Service Center.

April 19th 2020 – 12:35 am (overnight)

Nathan Staples was visited at his home in Glenholme by an ERT team at 12:35 am, and they said that they were hunting Wortman.

April 19th 2020 – 4:14 am (overnight)

4:14 a.m. RCMP are hunting for Wortman but wait, Lisa is still hiding inside of that oak tree hollow near the willows and wisps in Portapique. She hasn’t given the RCMP the “critical information” they had claimed at 6:30 a.m. that morning, yet there is a small army of police officers pursuing him. The RCMP are so broken that they can’t even formulate a believable lie.

4:14 a.m. RCMP are hunting for Wortman but wait, Lisa is still hiding inside of that oak tree hollow near the willows and wisps in Portapique. She hasn’t given the RCMP the “critical information” they had claimed at 6:30 a.m. that morning. The RCMP are so broken that they can’t even formulate a believable lie.

April 19 2020 (day of)

One key characteristic of Debert is its numerous side roads and back roads. Anyone not familiar with them could easily get lost. The officers not from the area would have had a difficult time tracking Wortman for many reasons and this is just one. 


Wortman had allegedly drove to Wentworth and then returned to Glenhome. He visited the home of a business associate Nathan Staples, attempting to gain entry. He was not successful and was also allegedly spotted by an RCMP officer who turned his car around to chase Wortman but he was gone. He very unusually, backtracked to Plains Road and crossed over, possibly due to a roadblock slightly south at the Highway 104 overpass.

Debert Glenholme

Someone called in a fake 911 call about a body in a car at the Hidden Hilltop Campground. Wortman likely called this in as he was hearing the DNR helicopter overhead and was sensing the RCMP closing in on him.

Multiple cruisers like Wortman’s
Multiple Wortman’s
Hidden Hilltop Campground. Glenholme

Wortman went to Nathan Staples house around 9:40 am and attempted to gain entry by identifying himself as an RCMP officer saying “come out with your hands up Gabriel, we know you’re in there”. Nathan had a shotgun and was ready for Wortman but Wortman just left without incident. Why didn’t he burn the place down? Is it because he didn’t have any evidence to destroy here? It’s very strange for a mass shooter to be so thorough as to take the time to destroy any evidence of his crime. Usually they just “run and gun” until they are stopped. Yet Wortman not only burned multiple structures and vehicles but he did so in a oddly professional way.

RCMP making it sound like they used facebook. Wortman arrived at Staple’s house after Staples called 911. He had a radio.

Wortman’s F-150 is described as grey-ish but is registered as white. How is that possible? Grey vehicles are the most common type of vehicle used by undercover police and agents because of exactly what they are describing here. “It’s sort of white, and silver, with a touch of grey.”

RCMP purposefully confusing Truro police.

At this point the RCMP claim to have no idea where Wortman is and say that he may be driving his Ford F-150. Ironically, it’s around this time that Wortman calmly and casually pulls over in Millbrook 300 meters from the RCMP detachment to change into his green traffic vest before continuing south to kill one traffic cop and wound another. See the below excerpt from one of the many heavily redacted ITO’s. 9:49 am: The dispatchers were telling the officers that Wortman was near Truro but at this time he has just turned right onto Plains Road from Highway 4 and is heading south.

Cpl Cormier
Truro lockdown

RCMP waited until Wortman passed Truro before notifying Truro Police. He passed through here at 10:20 am and it took RCMP 40 minutes to alert Truro Police. One could argue that at this point, the RCMP had let so many innocent citizens die that they had to sacrifice one of their own. That’s conspiratorial but there were also rumors that Cst Heidi Stevenson had filed a complaint against a senior RCMP member. I have no other way to explain why two traffic cops, Cst Chad Morrison and Cst Heidi Stevenson were the only two police officers that were ever purposefully placed in front of Wortman, one of whom failed their carbine training course.

Dispatch confused

Debert Palaeo-Indian Site

There is a Native Burial Ground which is Nova Scotia’s most important archaeological site according to the Nova Scotia government website, and is next to the Plains Road scenes where victims Heather O’Brien and Kristen Beaton were tragically killed.

1700 Plains Road.

Kristen Beaton and Baby Beaton’s Memorial On Plains Road

Heather O’Brien’s Memorial

April 19th 2020 – 10:01 am – Wortman murders Kristen Beaton and Heather O’Brien on Plains Road.

The RCMP seemed to be closing in on Wortman but he managed to slip away yet again. I believe that he had an RCMP issue radio with encryption keys. I think he turned left from Plains Road onto Belmont Road after murdering the two nurses, and that is why I think he had ‘ears’, because there is no clear line of sight to the roadblock location (Exit 12 Highway 104 overpass) from the area of Plains Road where Wortman killed the innocent nurses. Wortman killed them at 10:01 am. Debert is a maze of roads and trails and it would be very easy to avoid being detected by police. I believe that Wortman likely killed Kristen and Heather as a tactical strategy to distract police resources while he continued venturing around murdering innocent people.

I believe Wortman turned left onto Belmont Road from Plains Road because he knew there was a roadblock just around this corner. Clearly he had a two way radio with RCMP encryption keys, to be able to avoid the Mounties so easily.

April 19th 2020 – 10:04 am – RCMP Tweet that Wortman is in Glenholme.

#RCMPNS is advising people to avoid Hwy 4 near Hidden Hilltop Campground in #Glenholme. Gabriel Wortman is in the area. Please stay inside your homes and lock your doors. #Portapique (10:04 am Apr 19)

April 19th 2020 – 10:17 am – Wortman has just passed the Onslow Firehall which the RCMP would shoot up minutes later.

#Colchester: Gabriel Wortman may be driving what appears  to be an RCMP vehicle & may be wearing an RCMP uniform. There’s 1 difference btwn his car and our RCMP vehicles: the car #. The suspect’s car is 28B11, behind rear passenger window. If you see 28B11 call 911 immediately. (10:17 am Apr 19) 

April 19th 2020 – 10:25 am – Debert Roadblock

Wortman having an RCMP radio would explain how he avoided the roadblock at exit 12 on Highway 104 and MacElmon Road. Also, based on all of the information and timelines, there is a possibility that Wortman drove south on MacElmon Road and the roadblock was set up after he escaped. A witness captured a photo at 10:25 am of that roadblock.

April 19th 2020 – 10:21 am – RCMP Tweet that Wortman is now in Debert and Onslow. He is passing through Truro at this time and this is when the RCMP shoot up the Onslow Firehall.

One thing to note is the bullet patterns on the firehall. They were so scattered and far apart that I find it hard to believe that they had a target. I believe this was a distraction because at this point the RCMP need to come up with a way to make themselves into victims and this incident bought them some time.

Gabriel Wortman is currently in the #CentralOnslow #Debert area in a vehicle that may resemble what appears to be an RCMP vehicle & may be wearing what appears to be an RCMP uniform. Please stay inside and avoid the area. #RCMPNS (10:21 am Apr 19)

When I visited the Debert Industrial Park one month after the massacres, the park was being heavily renovated. Most notable to me was the Debert Airport where I saw technicians installing surveillance cameras on the hangers. Then, when I revisited months later, they had also installed a SECOND barbed wire fence along the airstrip. During the massacres this area was wide open and you could easily drive from Masstown Road, across the airfield to Plains Road.

Debert Industrial Park

Debert welding shop owner finds Wortman’s brown Mountie boots

a pair of Nuknuuks and all kinds of questions

Brian MacDonald also found a pair of Nuknuuks which belonged to Wortman’s girlfriend. Those are sheepskin slippers.

Here we see RCMP officers pretending to look for clues. It makes no sense that all of these RCMP officers (members-ish) are wearing high visibility traffic vests. They aren’t in traffic. The other is wearing camo. This is all a show for the cameras, of which there were few. At all of the scenes that the RCMP *actually* decided to “investigate”, there were federal agents and officers carefully supervising them as they searched.

123 Ventura Drive.

123 Ventura Drive – aka “the welding shop”

The Diefenbunker 

Debert has a significant military history also. It is home to one of Canada’s nuclear fallout shelters.

A nuclear fallout shelter in Debert called the ‘Diefenbunker’.

Breakfast Television Diefenbunker tour

Debert Airport

I’ve been told by people in the know that something was taking place at the Debert Airstrip that night. Some have said that a major transaction took place and something may have went wrong. I have also heard that Wortman was mobile the entire night. This makes more sense because why would a gunman who could hide perfectly in plain sight, bother to hide behind a welding shop when he could continue eliminating his targets at night? Another plausible theory I heard and entertained is that Ottawa was on the phone with him during the night attempting to negotiate with him. That may also explain why he stayed put.

Debert airport

Debert Airport C-130

Helicopter Landing Debert Airport

The Peter Fonda Movies and Portapique

I can’t recommend enough that everyone watch as many Peter Fonda movies as possible. Each one of his movies reflect Wortman’s life in an eerie kind of way. From the alcoholic lawyer from Michigan, to the helicopter that pursued Wortman with an ERT commander in it on April 19th, to the Ford F-150 that was spotted driving in the area while Wortman was there. I watched most of his movies and or movies he was involved in. Specifically, the movies Easy Rider and Dirty Mary Crazy Larry both reflect April 18th and 19th. The movie Race With The Devil is an accurate depiction of Wortman and Lisa’s life and also reflects the bizarre activities that regularly take place in Portapique.

Debert; The one that got away

Plains Road


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