Sticks And Stones; the faces we see in Nature – Part 1

When you explore around Nova Scotia it’s easy to see that we are rich with Geological history, especially in the form of Granite rocks.

National Research Council – Morris Point

Morris Point Nova Scotia

Morris Point – Sambro

The day I visited Morris Point in Sandy Cove – National Research Council

Streets Ridge Stone Circle

These stone circles in Streets Ridge consisted of 9 boulders-stones with a monument in the centre. It was surrounded by an electric fence. The stones appeared to be Phallus, meaning they had a more feminine identity (short and round) as a pose to Phallic stones (tall and skinny) which are considered more masculine.

This boulder I call “Darkside Daisy”. She is located across from the RBC Center in Dartmouth Crossing in the middle of a field. There are some incredible textures and patterns on this stone. I showed a couple of these photos to a friend who works as a stone cutter. He said that this stone has been professionally cut, however the equipment required to do that is so massive that there is no way it could have been trucked into this location.

Darkside Daisy. Commodore Drive.
Darkside Daisy

The Metaphysical Properties of Granite

“You don’t have to be a geologist or psychic medium to understand that cultures throughout history have regarded stones are precious objects. You might conventionally think of impressive stones as the ones that are in expensive jewelry“.

“Many people believe that cemeteries are breeding grounds for astral activity, not because they house corpses but because of the large quantity of granite“. “Granite is associated with abundance and protection. I recommend putting a piece of it on top of your door to ward over threatening forces. Also, granite is believed to have balancing effects. Oceanic granite has the properties of both earth and water, so the neutral, balance nature is appropriate for calming yourself and having easy going relationships”.

Because very high voltages correspond to only tiny changes in the width of the crystal, this crystal width can be manipulated with better-than-micrometer precision, making piezo crystals an important tool for positioning objects with extreme accuracy, making them perfect for use in motors, such as the various motor series offered by Nanomotion.

Maplewood Cemetery in Windsor NS.


Crystals and Science; energies, frequencies and vibration

Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. The word Piezoelectric is derived from the Greek Piezo, which means to squeeze or press, and Piezo, which is Greek for “push.” The principle of operation of a piezoelectric sensor is that a physical dimension, transformed into a force, acts on two opposing faces of the sensing element. The detection of pressure variations in the form of sound is the most common sensor application.

Crystals and Science; energies, frequencies, and vibration

The U.S. Military recognizes the power of stones.

How to Drill a Hole in Stone and Attach Fasteners Like Screws

Granite has been honoured by many cultures, particularly the Aboriginal and Mayan cultures, as a sacred and powerful stone. The Egyptians incorporated granite in many of their pyramids“.

A Granite boulder in Dartmouth Crossing.

Ireland Stones

Ireland is by far the most stone rich country in the world. There are endless videos on Youtube featuring the many stone structures in Ireland.

Drombeg Stone Circle 

Drombeg Stone Circle – County Cork Ireland  

This extraordinary ancient site in the countryside of County Cork  is full of enigmas. Known by locals as Druid’s Altar,  archaeologists discovered an urn burial in the center of the circle  of low stones.  

Druids formed after the last catastrophe that was caused by solar and  electro-magnetic storms. The Megaliths and stone structures  protected them from the storms. p/97573/the-worlds-most-mysterious-stone-circles-revealed


“Visitors who approach this ground after taking in the sights of the  Drombeg circle are usually bowled over by the air of ancient energy that continues to linger; once upon a time, this place was a home, where ordinary people lived ordinary lives”.

Secrets of Coral Castle – Telekinesis and Anti-gravity

Coral Castle is an oolite limestone structure created by the Latvian-American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin 1887–1951. It is located in unincorporated territory of Miami-Dade Florida, between the cities of Homestead and Leisure City. The structure comprises numerous Megalithic stones, mostly limestone formed from coral, each weighing several tons. It is currently a privately operated tourist attraction”.

Six strange rock formations found in Canada

The Bayers Lake Stone Mason Walls

Granite gravestones in the Fairview Cemetery in Halifax


Stones affect the body, mind, and spirit. Some people have an  energy field which can be felt by others. Stones vibrate when  heated and the vibrations produce sound waves and signals. Our  energy affects those around us. The crystals send our thoughts  and feelings into an electrical magnetic spectrum. Every tree,  every rock, every lake has a soul. m


The stones can change thoughts and physical things and can change emotions. Sometimes the effect of the stone can bring up negative past experiences which will cause a negative experience  but can still be constructive. Some people are attracted to certain stones and like to be close to them in order to feel their energy. You can’t predict the effect of a crystal stone on someone. The four factors that determine a crystal’s characteristics: Elements, Color, Structure, and process of creation all determine the characteristics of the crystal. crystals-and-not-diamonds/

The crystal’s lattice structure acts as an antenna

HP and other big tech companies have proven that this crystal lattice structure acts as an antenna. Quartz is used in all computers.  We basically live in the Crystal Age. Quartz is the best  communicator stone for everything. 1971-02.pdf

Marcel Vogel IBM

Marcel Vogel IBM – He developed a special type of crystal. When  the crystal comes out of the ground it is like a radio signal that hasn’t been adjusted and there is a great deal of noise normally. The Vogel Crystals are cut in a specific way to allow them to transfer signals in a clear and specific way eliminating noise.

The more sides a crystal has, the more strong the energy will be from the crystal. The crystal oscillates at the same frequency as water. Only two stone grinders in the world can cut a Vogel Cut  crystal. This is a highly tuned tool. 

Tesla Meters are used to measure the magnetic energy field  around the stone. The tool can also determine if the magnetic  field has changed around a subject or stone.

The Etheric Body

The Etheric Body is the first layer or energy field next to the  human body. All of the organs we have in the human body can  also be found in the etheric body. Humans also have an  emotional body or Layer. The Planck Scale is a term from Physics,  it’s a reality beyond our human boundaries. We cannot go below  the Planck Scale. Some believe the next dimension would be the  spiritual.

Crystals Documentary 

Kejimkujik Petroglyphs

The British Columbia Triangle (where a large number of people keep going missing near boulders and marshes)

Sticks And Stones; the faces we see in Nature – Part 2

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