Disturbing The Ghosts – Part 1; Strongman Areas

Strongman Areas

What is a Strongman Area? There are some areas where more bad-evil things consistently seem to happen than other areas. These extra-evil areas are a thing that are referred to by spiritual people as ’Strongman Areas’. Strongman Areas can be found throughout the world in all cultures and religions. They tend to be areas where there is an abnormally high amount of evil activity and tragedy. 

The triangular World Peace Pavillion at Alderney Landing where a recent homicide took place.

What is a Strongman Spirit? A Strongman Spirit is a high-ranking spirit that sits on a throne in the spirit realm and rules over the evil demonic spirits that operate in the earth realm. These spirits can rule over certain geographical areas.  

What is a Strongman spirit


Strongman Spirits


Strongman Spirits can operate in churches as a ruling spirit. They can be passed down through family generations and also dwell within people.

St James United Church next to Wortman’s clinic on Portland Street is also built on Native burial grounds.

A Strongman can gain access to a particular area when there has been a door left open for Satan to enter. When Satan has gained entrance to an area, a Strongman Spirit will be in control. That is known as a Strongman Area.

Gabriel Wortman’s clinic on Portland Street is built on Native burial grounds.

Lesser evil spirits can follow the Strongman, but to get rid of the Strongman, you must first start at the root by dealing with him and deliverance must take place. There are areas of the world that are consistently plagued by an abnormally high amount of evil or bad events. These areas are Strongman Areas.

16 Demonic Strongman Spirits

Demonic spirit forces have thrones in Heaven to block souls from entering. These forces are said to block people’s prayers, and they also come down to earth to enter the hearts and minds of people.

There are 16 demonic strongman spirits and their names are

1. Spirit of Error

2. Spirit of Divination

3. Familiar Spirit

4. Spirit of Jealousy

5. Lying Spirit

6. Perverse Spirit

7. Spirit of Haughtiness

8. Spirit of Heaviness

9. Spirit of Whoredoms

10. Spirit of Infirmity 

11. Dumb and Deaf Spirit

12. Seducing Spirits

13. Spirit of Bondage

14. Spirit of Fear

15. Spirit of Antichrist

16. Spirit of Death

David Paullides is a former San Jose detective who visited a National Park in the U.S. where he met two park rangers that expressed their concern about the abnormally high amount of people vanishing in the park. He asked for a list of all the missing people from the U.S. Parks Service which they said did not exist. He then asked them to make such a list, which is his right. The Parks Service advised that it would cost 1.2 million dollars to make a list so David did it himself.

While doing his research, he discovered that there were so many disappearances – specifically in the B.C. Triangle – that he had to come up with a stricter criteria for investigating cases.

David Paullides Profile Points

  • K9 cannot find a scent
  • Victims found where previously searched
  • Missing clothes or shoes
  • Time of disappearance
  • Weather
  • Disability or illness
  • Memory loss
  • The missing are often found near creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes, marshes, and around boulders and granite stones

The British Columbia Triangle (1/6) Canada’s Bermuda Triangle

The British Columbia Triangle (2/6) Unsolved Disappearances in Canada

The British Columbia Triangle (3/6) Indian Legends of the Interior Plateau

The British Columbia Triangle (4/6) Missing Women of the Northern Okanagan

The British Columbia Triangle (5/6) Missing Men of the Thompson Plateau

The British Columbia Triangle (6/6) Canadian Manhunts 2019

10 Unsolved National Park Disappearances from the Canadian Wilderness

Missing 411


Missing 411 – The Hunted

Halifax Ground Search and Rescue

UPDATE – RCMP suspend search for missing South Rawdon man


Search ends for missing person in Bayers Lake area


Missing 73-year-old in Lake Echo, N.S., found safe


Police, Halifax Search and Rescue finish work near Dartmouth Crossing


Missing Mineville area man found dead


Halifax police, ground search looking for missing teen in wooded area


Kidston Lake

“On July 28, 2021, Halifax Search and Rescue was notified of a potential overdue hiker in the Kidston Lake (Spryfield) area of the municipality. The well-prepared subject had planned to go hiking for several days. When he didn’t return at the scheduled time, his family became concerned and notified authorities.

Intermittent communications were established with the subject via family radio service (FRS). It was determined that during his trek, he became separated from his navigation equipment and was unable to navigate from the woods. He found a campsite in the wilderness area and stayed at the location.

Approximately twelve members of the Halifax SAR Remote Rescue team responded to the call. Three teams, including a civilian K9 team, were tasked to complete rapid searches of the trails in the area.

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency deployed two drones during the search, until a Nova Scotia Department of Lands & Forestry helicopter arrived on scene. At that point an additional HSAR team was tasked to search from the air.

The subject was located by the helicopter tasking, who were able to land near the subject and provide an initial medical assessment prior to extraction. The subject was subsequently assessed and released by Emergency Health Services – EHS paramedics.”


Kidston Lake is a lake in the Spryfield area of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It has been made into a municipal park, with artificial sand beaches and a lifeguard in the summer months. It is a popular swimming destination and offers a good swim from the beach to two rock formations called Breadloaf and the Whale’s Back.

There are trails all around the lake, and going to Leblin Park and other places such as the Greystone and Green Acres subdivisions. The granite barrens south of the lake are an excellent place to find blueberries, which foxes and porcupines share with the more adventurous of the local children.

The most famous portion of the park is the Rocking Stone, a 90+ ton glacial erratic boulder which can still be rocked with a lever, but which used to move quite easily, before a band of sailors from the nearby Halifax garrison rocked it into a more stable configuration in the 1890s, and before its base was worn down by excessive rocking in the 1980s and 90s when the park was first developed.

A lesser known but equally interesting large glacially-deposited granite monolith called Table Rock, can be found NW of the narrow passage at the northern end of the lake, where it empties into a boggy area: it is a flat, approximately 30 ton rock firmly balanced upon three rocks, the smallest of which is about the size of a volleyball.


Halifax Ground Search and Rescue

The subject was located by the helicopter tasking, who were able to land near the subject and provide an initial medical assessment prior to extraction. The subject was subsequently assessed and released by Emergency Health Services – EHS paramedics.

Halifax Search and Rescue would like to remind the public that no matter how well-prepared individuals may be for a wilderness adventure, things may go wrong. The subject made all of the correct decisions which led to the rapid rescue.


Kidston Lake Walkthrough

Disturbing The Ghosts – Part 2; Nova Scotia Areas

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