Peggy’s Cove Construction Updates

Road, Breakwater and VIC Parking Lot Work

Road work – “The work to lower the new turnaround is in progress and nearing completion. Significant work was required to lower existing underground electrical and communication lines”.

Boardwalk – “The piling for the boardwalk was completed in March. Final decking is now being installed and should be complete by the first week of May”.

VIC Parking Lot – “Repairs to sidewalks and curbs in the VIC parking lot started April 16 and will be complete by May 21, 2021”. 

Viewing Deck – “All excavation of the site is now complete. Formwork and concrete pours began in April (timeline is weather dependent and will continue in the months of May and June)”. 

Lighthouse Washroom – “The tender for construction of the lighthouse washroom was awarded on March 30 to Greytop Commercial Construction”.

The Lighthouse

Develop Nova Scotia is investing millions of dollars into the Peggy’s Cove area and carrying out extensive renovations and upgrades. I really hope they paint the lighthouse. It’s great that they are installing washrooms, this is long overdue.

Peggy’s Cove Walkthrough

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