The Halifax Dingle

Sir Sanford Fleming Park – The Dingle

“The park was donated to Halifax in 1908 by Sir Sandford Fleming, creator of Standard Time Zones. The Dingle Tower was dedicated in 1912 to commemorate 150 years of representative government”.

A one of a kind park

The park is located off Purcell’s Cove Road near the Yacht Club. Although the Dingle Tower is listed as “open” on the official Halifax Government website, it has been closed for a long time. The trails in the surrounding area are very walkable and well maintained, and the scenery is perfect.

Dingle Tower

“The stone tower is open between 8 a.m. and dusk from April 1 – October 31″.

Dingle Tower sealed shut.

The Dingle Tower

Photos from the surrounding trails

Photos From 2017 When The Dingle Tower Was Accessible To The Public

Halifax Dingle – Sir Sanford Park

Frog Pond Trail

The Halifax Dingle

Disturbing The Ghosts – Part 1; Strongman Areas

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