Portapique Mountain and Five Houses

Portapique; a closer look at Portapique and Five Houses in Colchester County, Nova Scotia.

Sacrificing Trees: The real history of Portapique

I’m currently reading this book and it’s really good so far. It’s a story told by a tree which dwelled at Shady Nook, which looks across the Portapique River at Wortman’s (now the Nova Scotia government’s) cottage property.

Paul Palango is a Nova Scotian

The geography involved in the Nova Scotia Massacre is vast and complex. The roads of Colchester County weave together and intersect in multiple places making it very easy for a psychopath like Wortman to hide or lay low. This article looks closer at the “April 18th areas” involved in the massacre, or as some call it; “the first massacre.”

To get to Portapique, take exit 11 on Highway 104 in Glenholme and then drive a short distance south to Highway 2. Continue west for around 10 kms to arrive in Portapique.

Not much has changed on Portapique Beach Road. The signs warning people that it’s a private community are still there. The community has been heavily redacted with new roads being cut through the woods. There are shipping containers, (sea cans) all over the place and a full size tour bus with a New Brunswick licence plate.

The cottage property that belonged to Wortman at 200 PBR has been bulldozed and there are 3 boulders blocking the driveway. This is the property that the Nova Scotia government purchased from Gabriel Wortman.

The Nova Scotia government buys Gabriel Wortman’s cottage property


There is a direct line of sight across the river to Five Houses and vice versa.

Five Houses

Five Houses is the community on the opposite side of the Portapique River where most of the RCMP resources were sent on the night of April 18 2020, while Wortman was devastating Portapique.

The civic address sign along Highway 2 for Five Houses and Bay Shore Road was a strangely small sign and was neatly tucked away behind a tree branch. Travelers venturing through the area to places like Bass River and Parrsboro, would likely not notice such a discrete sign and would likely pass by it without realizing that there is a community there.

One way to enter Five Houses is through Bay Shore Road on the east side, which extends around the entire perimeter on the community eventually intersecting with Five Houses Road. The area looks like something out of a Smurf movie with its strangely shaped buildings and yard ornaments. There is a direct line of sight to Wortman’s former cottage property at 200 Portapique Beach Road across the river.

The area on the southwest side of the community (along the shore) is where those mysterious lights were reported April 18 2020. The RCMP’s TAV or Tactical Armoured Vehicle was also deployed here to investigate the source of those lights. RCMP members can be heard on their unencrypted radios describing some kind of vehicle flashing its lights at them on Five Houses Road. Those members were positioned at the intersection of Highway 2 and Five Houses Road.

The intersection of Five Houses Road and Bay Shore Road can be seen below. This intersection is about 800 meters from Highway 2 where some of the members were reporting the lights.

Toward the centre of the community is a stone quarry. There are ‘No Trespassing‘ signs at all the entrances to the quarry. A number of meadows with perfectly straight trees, lead from all sides of the community into the centre area where there is a stone quarry.

Looking north from Five Houses Road, the Portapique Mountain can be seen. The mountain overlooks Portapique and the Bay Of Fundy. Directions to Portapique Mountain; from Five Houses, continue driving west on Highway 2 for 10 kms, then turn right on Maple Avenue, continuing north a short distance.

Bass River and Portapique Mountain

There is a military veterans park at the intersection of Highway 2 and Maple Ave that has a nice arrangement of stone monuments.

Arriving on the Portapique Mountain, Maple Avenue turns to dirt and the road becomes Mines Bass River Road.

Portapique Mountain is a strangely ‘still‘ area. Nothing is out of place here, everything is perfect, from the trees to the grass, to all of the properties, it’s perfect but still.

There is also a second stone quarry on Portapique Mountain on the West Montrose side of the mountain, like the one in Five Houses. There use to be a stone quarry in Portapique and that is where Wortman built his lodge or ‘warehouse‘ at 136 Orchard Beach Drive.

Mines Bass River Road eventually intersects with West Montrose Road and shortly after with Highway 2. The Joy Laking Art Gallery is located at this intersection and is a local attraction worth visiting.


Joy Laking Art Gallery.

The Portapique River flows down from the mountain and into the Cobequid Bay, dividing the two communities by about 300 meters.

A resident of Five Houses recently saw a UFO over Portapique and they posted video of it to the Facebook Group ‘UFOs Above Canada‘. It’s a private group but the video may still be viewable.


Below is a graphic showing the location of where the mysterious lights were seen and then where the UFO was seen, a year later.

Brown Loop

Brown Loop is located on the east side of Portapique and is where the Montrose Boathouse is located as well as a big red wagon.

The boathouse was the home of the legendary Montrose Boat.


Photo: West Montrose Boathouse. Colchester Historical Museum and Archives
Truro, Nova Scotia

What Is Left the Daughter‘ – (story set in Great Village, NS)

Set on the Atlantic coast of Canada during WWII, Norman’s latest (after Devotion ) is an expertly crafted tale of love during wartime. 

Great Village

Great Village is where most of the Scottish and Irish immigrants settled after arriving in North America. They eventually spread to Debert and Londonderry. One simple shortcut to Debert can be found by taking the Lornevale Road north to the Spencer Cross Road, this is much quicker than driving east on Highway 2.

Another shortcut from Great Village to Debert, is Station Road. Turn left onto Station Road which is next to the Great Village statue. This road eventually leads to Highway 4 and Plains Road in Glenholme as well as Londonderry.

Portapique Mountain – Five Houses – Londonderry – Wentworth – Debert – Truro

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