Stones and Ghosts – the back story of the Nova Scotia massacre

This post is a massive deep dive that encompasses many factors in Nova Scotia politics and environmental issues leading up to the massacre in Portapique. I am not a reporter but I do hope reporters and journalists find this quick reference handy to use. The Portapique Plug has links to all of the articles and pages.

The Eagle’s Nest – Part 1

Paul Palango is a Nova Scotian

2004 – 2010

2004 – SZ loses his home to Wortman after Service Nova Scotia rules Wortman is his landlord

2007 Wortman sets up shop in Portapique

2007 The Black Knights of secret society ceases to exist in Nova Scotia

“The Provincial Chapter ceased to exist in 2007, and there are no Royal Black Preceptories in Nova Scotia today. In Canada, only a few Royal Black Preceptories are still active, mainly in southern Ontario.”

April 27 2007 – Stephen McNeil is elected leader of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party

December 16 2009 – Halifax police officer killed in crash

January 10 2010 – Fire destroys Portland Street apartment building

December 08 2010 – N.S. electricity rates to jump 5.6 per cent


March 29 2011 – GW writes a will

March 31 2011 – Halifax deputy police chief Chris McNeil suspended

April 20 2011 – NS Power prepares for 2012 rate hike


May 10 2012 – Salaries for top executives at Emera and Nova Scotia Power increase


August 09 2013 – Robyn Urback: Nova Scotia cyber law turns bullied into bullies

September 09 2013 – Stephen McNeil Relying On Justin Trudeau To Give Nova Scotia Liberals Boost

October 22 2013 – New elected N.S. Premier Stephen McNeil to rely on veterans to lead contentious files

December 03 2013 – Nova Scotia premier defends appointment of defeated Liberal candidate


February 06 2014 – Portland Street fire damages Dartmouth building

March 01 2014 – Nova Scotia Liberals pass disputed home-care legislation in rare weekend sitting

April 01 2014 – Accidental voice mail catches RCMP mocking assault complainant

April 01 2014 – Scanner silence: Nova Scotia RCMP switching to digital encryption

April 03 2014 – N.S. Liberals’ first budget since election forecasts $279M deficit

Nova Scotia Government Feature Story – Advanced Encryption for Emergency Radio System

April 23 2014Opposition demands long-term solution after mice spotted in hospital

September 17 2014 – Unions launch court challenge against Nova Scotia law that ended Halifax nurses strike


January 21 2015 – RCMP Investigating Hazardous Chemicals Found At A Chemist’s Home In Grand Desert Nova Scotia

The Chemist also drove to Ottawa for some reason.

April 09 2015 – 75 layoff notices in Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism alone

April 09 2015 – Nova Scotia film industry tax credit slashed by Liberal government

April 17 2015 – Northern Pulp to shut Boat Harbour waste treatment plant in 2020

April 23 2015 – Military reports reveal soldiers, sailors busted for drug dealing

May 02 2015 – McNeil says there’s ‘lots’ of film activity; the facts tell a different story

May 07 2015 – Police Should Have Said Halifax Man In Chemicals Case Couldn’t Make Bomb: Lawyer

“An exhibit released to The Canadian Press contains an analysis by forensics expert Melanie Brochu, who wrote that chemicals police found in Phillips’ cottage in Grand Desert, N.S., didn’t include the ingredients needed for homemade explosives”.

July 24 2015 – Bloody Creek crater scientists find more meteorite hits

August 20 2015 – Missing Halifax man may have been murdered over drug deal: Police

August 26 2015 – Taylor Samson murder investigators continue to comb Lower Truro property

September 02 2015 – Volunteer fire chiefs express frustration with new digital radio system

What ever happened to the now-demolished Aspotogan Sea Spa?

“The ill-fated resort has been recently purchased by Halifax-based development firms Southwest Properties and Armco Capital. The going price for this entire Nova Scotia property? A reported $500,000”

September 24 2015Surgeries postponed, patients relocated due to flood at VG hospital

September 28 2015 – Health minister ‘appalled’ by state of VG Hospital

August 18 2015 – Search intensifies for missing Halifax man


January 12 2016Plan coming for hospital beset by floods, rodents, heat and Legionella: minister

January 14 2016 – Nurses report on long-term care highlights growing ‘crisis’ in Nova Scotia report-on-long-term-care-highlights-growing-crisis-in-nova-scotia/

February 09 2016 – Former Coast Guard and DND employees face more charges in cocaine smuggling probe former Coast Guard and DND employees face more charges in cocaine smuggling probe

March 02 2016 – Mystery surrounds false report of plane crash near Peggy’s Cove

March 18 2016 – Nova Scotia Power, Emera, release 2015 executive compensation figures

“Emera’s chief financial officer, Scott Balfour, earned a total of $1.7 million, and chief corporate development officer Nancy Tower’s total compensation package was $1.6 million”.

“The president and CEO of Nova Scotia Power, Robert Hanf, earned a salary of just under $400,00 last year. His shares and other compensation brought his total income to $1.3 million”.

April 04 2016 – IATSE accuses Premier’s Office of scuttling changes to film fund deal with Business Minister Mark Furey

May 18 2016 – Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government criticized over “a doctor for every Nova Scotian” promise

June 01 2016 – Police and Service Nova Scotia seize 870,000 illegal cigarettes from Dartmouth storage units

Here’s a scorecard for Stephen McNeils Policing Family

Chris McNeil

Former Deputy Chief at the Halifax PD who retired after allegedly lying to the police review board, and brother of Stephen McNeil, Robin McNeil, and Anthony McNeil.

Robin McNeil

newly named as the Deputy Chief at the Halifax PD and brother of Stephen McNeil, Chris McNeil, and Anthony McNeil.

Jason McNeil: sergeant at the Halifax PD and Chris McNeil’s son

Sergeant at the Halifax PD and Chris McNeil’s son.

Anthony McNeil

Sergeant at the Halifax PD and brother of Stephen McNeil, Chris McNeil, and Robin McNeil.

Joanne McNeil

Sergeant at the Halifax PD and spouse of Anthony McNeil.

Article on the McNeils, A Policing  family

The RCMP Regularly Use The Canadian Forces To Hunt For Cannabis Gardens.

June 22 2016 – Shell Canada cleared to resume drilling off Nova Scotia after accident

July 19 2016 – Nova Scotia power rate increases approved by UARB

August 11 2016 – A Halifax sailor is facing drug and weapons charges after military police allegedly found drugs “in plain sight” in his vehicle

September 16 2016 – Stephen McNeil defends his campaign manager’s right to lobby government

November 28 2016 – Slow response, bad service could result in $1M bill for Nova Scotia Power

September 29 2016 – Nova Scotia premier phones staff to keep information secret – Stephen McNeil rejects recommendation to overhaul the province’s access to information law

September 30 2016 – Stephen McNeil’s use of phone to ensure secrecy worries privacy czar

Nov 30 2016 – Schools For Votes

“In his report released Wednesday, Michael Pickup said he could not find any explanation for why three new schools were approved in Liberal-held districts, including Bridgetown and Tatamagouche which are held by Premier Stephen McNeil and Casey, respectively”

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