Shubenacadie; two cars without push bars

It had been 12 hours since Gabriel Wortman began touring the province, murdering people, blowing up structures, and dancing around (with?) the RCMP, while the RCMP were doing everything possible to convince the public that Wortman was not a police officer. At this point, there had not been a single RCMP officer put in front of or near Wortman, but that would soon change.

After passing through Truro undetected having just passed the Onslow firehall, Wortman casually drove south on Highway 2. The Truro Police Service were never made aware of Wortman’s whereabouts and their Chief of police has been very clear about that fact. It seemed as though the RCMP wanted Wortman to pass through Truro and continue south, after they just missed him at the Onslow Firehall in Lower Onslow.

Paul Palango is a Nova Scotian

A comprehensive timeline of the events leading up to and during the Nova Scotia Massacres on April 18-19 2020.

The Portapique Portal – Part 1; A cold dark night

Wortman turning right in Brookfield at the Esso and heading towards Exit 12 on Highway 102. The RCMP claimed he was heading south on Highway 2 not Highway 102.

Wortman would drive through Brookfield and eventually pull over in Millbrook to change into his high visibility traffic vest. Two things to note here: First, Wortman pulled over approximately 300 meters south of the Millbrook RCMP detachment. Why would he stop so close to a cop station while being “hunted”? Second, he changed into a high visibility traffic vest and then proceeded south to Cloverleaf Circle in Shubenacadie where he would shoot Cst Chad Morrison and kill Cst Heidi Stevenson who both happened to be traffic cops. Why were these two officers left on their own while every other officer in the Province was paired up with a partner.

Cst Heidi Stevenson was the last officer who should have ever been left on their own in such a situation. She had failed her long gun (Carbine) training and was not considered among other officers to have that “killer instinct”. That is not to disrespect her at all, in fact, Heidi Stevenson was an amazing police officer who policed at my high school (Cole Harbour High School) and she had even pulled me over and gave me a ticket one night after I laid a strip with my Firebird pulling out of Tim Hortons on Main Street in Cole Harbour. She was a professional and a pleasure to interact with, even though I did receive a ticket. She did go easy on me though.

Wortman’s perspective as he continues south on Highway 2. The Department Of Natural Resources is on the left and Cst Chad Morrison is just around the corner.
This would be Wortman’s perspective driving south on Highway 2. On the left is Highway 224 where Cst Chad Morrison was posted. Somehow Wortman knew to turn here and engage Morrison. Why was Morrison alone while posted on Highway 224?
Cst Chad Morrison’s suv. After he was shot he fled south to the Milford EHS base and hid in the woods.
A bent rim and some fender damage on Morrison’s suv
This would be Wortman’s perspective as he passed through Stewiacke by the Firehall.
Wortman’s perspective as he approaches Cst Heidi Stevenson.

June 19 2020 – The Nova Scotia Rampage route driven by Gabriel Wortman

This is a random video I took of Shubie River a long time ago and it gives you a sense of how beautiful and mystical of a place Shubenacadie is. There are alot of historically significant areas along this whole rampage.

Shubenacadie River.

Cst Heidi Stevenson had made a suggestion to the RCMP Commanders that they should issue a public alert that a man is on a murder spree and killing innocent members of the public. Little did she know, she was on driving directly into Wortman’s path.

This would be where Cst Heidi Stevenson approached Cloverleaf Circle in Shubenacadie moments before she came across Wortman.

It’s also curious that Wortman was able to spot Chad Morrison as he was not on the same road as Wortman. Yet Wortman knew exactly where he was and turned onto that road (Highway 224) to attack him. Morrison would eventually escape Wortman and drive south on Highway 2 to Milford where he would shelter in the woods behind the EHS base.

Shubie what is going on here.

An overhead view of Cloverleaf Circle. The collision took place near the triangle.

One witness who stopped in Lower Onslow to speak with RCMP at the firehall, said he could hear the RCMP car’s radio and he overheard them saying that Wortman was in a grey Mazda 3. However, this was 1 hour before Wortman had driven south to Shubenacadie to kill Gina Goulet and steal her Grey Mazda 3. According to witnesses, Wortman was being followed by 4 marked RCMP cruisers.

Both cruisers burning.

All of the Witnesses in Shubenacadie saw the same thing. Wortman hung out there for 20 minutes and was in absolutely no rush whatsoever.

The entire front of “Wortman’s” Cruiser is smashed. Heidi Stevenson’s Cruiser is only damaged sightly on the passenger side.
I took this video at approximately 1:30 p.m. Those aren’t firefighters, they are the 2 DNR employees that had been previously advised to phone the RCMP directly. They dispatched the Shubie volunteer dept but told them to stay at their stations. You can hear this in the radio audio.
The fires were put out long before this but they continue to put on a show. There is no pushbar on Wortman’s cruiser.
RCMP putting on an act at Cst Heidi Stevnson’s memorial. There were rumours that she had field a complaint against a senior member of the RCMP brass and was then transferred to Enfield for traffic duty. The look on Chad Morrison’s face in every media image makes me think that he wonders if he is supposed to be dead too. You could argue that after 13 hours of rampage action and 19 people killed so far, that the RCMP would need a victim or two of their own to ensure public sympathy and understanding. I just can’t make sense of why two traffic cops were put in front of a killer who was highly trained… according to his performance.
RCMP members rake the grass while being watched closely by CSIS Agents. One is masked and one is hiding behind the sign.
Putting on a show but not really looking for anything. Displaying 33 for the camera.

After stealing Joey Webber’s Ford Escape, Wortman headed south about 2 kms to Gina Goulet’s house. She was a friend to him as well as a denturist. She had her doors locked expecting him to arrive but he drove into her driveway and parked behind the shed then broke into the home to kill her.

Gina Goulet’s property.
Gina Goulet’s memorial.
Driving south from Cloverleaf Circle to Gina Goulet’s memorial.
ERT arrives at Cloverleaf Circle long after Wortman has Escaped.
This is the entry point on the other side of Cloverleaf circle where most photos were shot from. The collision would be on the left by the utility pole from this perspective.
Exiting Cloverleaf Circle south.
Wortman is now heading south on Highway 224 in plain clothes and in a marked (coded) Mazda 3.

Note the time of this tweet and compare it to when they say Wortman was “stopped”.

RCMP knew well before this that Wortman was in a Grey Mazda 3 but they could not take the chance of him being spotted by the public so they gave out a fake vehicle description.

There are so many similarities between April 19 2020 and the movie ‘Dirty Mary Crazy Larry’ that I broke down each scene and all I can say is wow, and I have no idea what any of this means.

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry movie – chapter one

The Peter Fonda Movies

The Department Of Natural Resources

ERT arrived and Moved Cst Heidi Stevenson body from her burning police vehicle.

Wortman would eventually find his way to Elmsdale where he attempted to get fuel at the Petro Canada station while the ERT members were right next to him.

The ‘Big Stop’ – An Enfield assassination

Truro, Shubenacadie, Enfield

Cloverleaf Traffic Circle – Shubenacadie April 25 2020

April 22 2020 Memorials For Victims Of The Nova Scotia Massacres

Nova Scotia Massacre evidence compilation

April 19th areas – Nova Scotia Massacre

The Portapique Portal – Part 1; A cold dark night

Gabriel Wortman changed into a traffic vest in Millbrook Nova Scotia April 19 2020

Cloverleaf Circle Shubenacadie during the Nova Scotia Massacre on April 19 2020

RCMP radio communications April 18 2020 in Portapique Nova Scotia

EHS and DNR radio comms April 19th 2020

Paul Palango is a Nova Scotian

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