West Porters Lake Forest Fire

Halifax Fire along with DNR Nova Scotia were called to West Porters Lake near exit 19 on Highway 107 for an out of control forest fire at 12:30 p.m. today. The fire moved quickly and jumped highway 107 at exit 19 and spread further south.

All crews pulled from woods of Porters Lake brush fire for the night – May 23 2020


Crews are currently dealing with 2 structure fires caused by this fire. DNR used their helicopters to drop water on the fire and more helicopters were requested from New Brunswick. As of now the scene is still very active.

“Late Saturday afternoon, Rudderham said three helicopters from the Department of Lands and Forestry were helping pour water on the blaze. Fifteen provincial staff as well as crews from eight Halifax Fire detachments were on scene, he said”.

The Department Of Natural Resources

Nova Scotia Emergency Responder Things

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