Nova Scotia RCMP investigate (cover up) a mass shooting

Nova Scotia RCMP remain on location at mutliple crime scenes this afternoon following a series of events that began night in Portapique NS.

A man went on a shooting rampage which was then followed by a police chase that ended at the Irving Big Stop in Enfield. Before making it to the Big Stop the man was involved in a collision near Shubie NS where it is alleged he fired even more shots.

A press conference is scheduled for 6 pm today at RCMP headquarters in Dartmouth.

Photos from the Enfield Big Stop

Frank Magazine – Did the RCMP execute Gabriel Wortman? Leaked gas station security tapes cast doubt on SIRT report – by Paul Palango – June 8 2021

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A comprehensive timeline of the events leading up to and during the Nova Scotia Massacres on April 18-19 2020.

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EHS and DNR radio comms April 19th 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Portapique 911 calls reveal what RCMP knew from the start

Through a Glass, Frankly – By NS Citizen

New timeline shows what RCMP knew — and didn’t share — about the Nova Scotia shooting spree

Portapique Beach Road and Highway 2.

Holes in the RCMP’s Nova Scotia narrative are a bigger story than leaked 911 calls

Frank Magazine – Sources: RCMP, Feds ‘stonewalling’ Mass Casualty Commission, by Paul Palango – August 12 2021

“The RCMP is stalling the release of as many as 50,000 documents or pieces of evidence pertaining to the Nova Scotia massacres that are being sought by the Mass Casualty Commission, according to various sources close to the Commission. Although public hearings are slated to begin in October, it appears that the RCMP, backed by federal government lawyers, is deliberately balking at being anywhere close to transparent about the role its members played before, during and after the massacres in which 22 people were killed on April 18 and 19, 2020.”

The Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Commission

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