Teleglobe Satellite Station

The Teleglobe Satellite Station in Charleston Nova Scotia. I was super lucky to run into a local who was a former employee here. This facility was part of the 5 eyes SIGINT program and was used to intercept satellite signals.

They now operate this as Tata Communications. If you drive about 300 meters past Crystal Crescent Beach you will see the huge satellites and the super secure facility. Update: The satellites have been moved to the back of the property and are no longer visible from the road.

The 100 foot dome seen here in the background was pressureized with only 3 psi to keep it inflated. The person I ran into wished the government would have converted it into a national historic site. I agree that would have been cool.

Abandoned Teleglobe Satellite Station, Charleston Nova Scotia

The old Teleglobe Satellite Station

Built in the woods near the hamlet of Mill Village, the Teleglobe station is no longer the shadow of what it once was. Built in 1964 at a cost of $ 9 million, the vast complex was part of an extensive satellite program for the transmission of telephone and television signals between North America and Europe.

The other satellite dome is now destroyed, as most buildings. The former covered sidewalk that allows travel between the main buildings was shaved, leaving only the ground structure that forms a sort of open boardwalk in the middle of the woods.

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