200 Portapique Beach Road – the cottage

A closer look at 200 Portapique Beach Road. The cottage was built in 2007 and may have been renovated at some point.

The cottage.

Massive Stone pillars at the foot of the driveway at 200 Portapique Beach Road.

The pillars.

He feeds a bear on his front step. Wortman was gay and in the gay community the term ‘Bear’ means something different than animal.


There was a rumour circulating shortly after the massacre that Wortman had a bear that he loved but Sean MacLeod killed it. That rumour seems to have fizzled out but I did find a video on Youtube of the ‘Bass River Bear‘.

Paul Palango is a Nova Scotian

The Bass River Bear

The Nova Scotia Government Quietly Purchases Gabriel Wortman’s 200 Portapique Beach Road Property

The 200 on the pillars have deer antlers and a Bald Eagle on them. This is the property the Nova Scotia Government bought as many people suspect there are a lot of items of interest buried here. Where did all those stones go?


The Stones of 200 PBR

There seems to be a deep connection to ancient Masonry and stonework as well as Greek Mythology. This property was fit for a Cartel Boss, right on the ocean what a beautiful spot this was. Many say that Wortman disposed of bodies and was a hitman for biker gangs in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Well, one thing is for certain, he knew how to operate the weapons he owned in a proficient manner.


There were stone themes throughout 200 and 293 Portapique Beach Road as well as 2328 Hunter Road in Wentworth.

Magazine Photos Featuring The Inside Of The Cottage At 200 Portapique Beach Road

200 Portapique Beach Road

View From Bing Maps

200 PBR

More Photos Of The 200 Portapique Beach Road Cottage And Portapique Cemetery

Portapique Cemetery

April 18-19 2020

The fires are raging on Portapique Beach Road but most of the RCMP members are 2 kilometres away in the community of Five Houses looking for the source of the mysterious Five Lights. While the fires raged, it appears there was a special team sent down to the end of Portapique Beach Road near Faris Lane according to eye witnesses. Judging from this photo, one could infer that the cottage was set ablaze first before he moved on to either the warehouse (the Lodge) at 136 OBD, or he may have gone to 293 PBR just south of his cottage to set that residence on fire next.

The Portapique fires seen from Five Houses.

RCMP Radio Communications April 18 2020 in Portapique Nova Scotia

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The RCMP ERT TAV in Great Village.

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