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Driving defensively means thinking proactively

The core of Defensive Driving is looking and thinking ahead. Being familiar with an area also helps. This is an introductory blog to driving and is intended for beginners but others may find some value in it. It’s all in how you see the road and your surroundings.

Distraction is literally killing us | Paul Atchley

You need a chill playlist to help the nerves while you are learning. I recommend a ‘Superchill’ playlist like this one.

Road Test and Routes

Driving Through Windsor Nova Scotia

Turns | Steering | Intersections

Left Hand Turns At Intersections On Solid Green Lights; Take your time!

A Complete Introduction to Defensive Driving For Beginners – Part 1

A Complete Introduction to Defensive Driving For Beginners – Part 2

Halifax’s worst drivers 2016

Halifax’s Worst Drivers Part 2

Heavy Metal and the highway

Being Focused While Driving

Aspotagon Penninsula Loop

A Sunday drive on the highway kind of playlist.

Reverse Parking

Race The Base 2018

Thinking Ahead

Just like in contact sports, SHOULDER CHECKS ARE EVERYTHING!

Cable Barriers

What Good are Fog Lamps, Really?

Highway driving at night in snow

Driving in Adverse Conditions

Driving in Adverse Conditions – Nova Scotia


The Problem With Driver Education And Inaccurate Technical Information

Driving is like the movie Final Destination

Driving Near Wildlife

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